Did you know that 3 of the 5 components of the ACT are strands of English Language Arts?  Besides math and science, the ACT tests reading, language and writing.  The state requires four years of English to earn a high school diploma because there is no more relevant subject to address life's demands and career responsibilities than the ability to read efficiently and effectively and communicate clearly both orally and in writing.  I am happy to play a role in helping our youth be confident communicators.
     I have spent more than 25 years teaching the reading and writing portion of English Language Arts both in the Weyauwega-Fremont and Waupaca School Districts.  In 2016, I opted to switch my focus to the oral communication strand of English.  I made this change because I have seen through my own children the difference freshmen communications class made in the life of my children at the age of 14.  They gained not only confidence and poise through this class, but they also became better writers.  They continued to apply their speaking skills while in high school, while working summer jobs and now in college as they both give tours at the University of Wisconsin Madison.  The ability to speak confidently in small and large groups is a gift that truly makes a difference in one's life and the lives of others.  I'm excited to light that spark in the ninth graders in Waupaca and see just how bright they can shine on their journey.