This page contains video tutorials to help you get started with Google Forms in a hurry.  
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Forms Training Center (table of contents)

 Intro to Google Forms

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 Ideas for Using Google Forms in the Classroom

Using Google Forms in the Classroom

Video Quick Guide:

Intro to Forms
  • writing questions
  • adding a theme
  • viewing students responses in a spreadsheet
  • viewing summary of responses
Types of Questions 
  • Text
  • Paragraph
  • Multiple Choice
  • Checkboxes
  • Choose from a list
  • Scale
  • Grid

How to make a quiz
 part 1
  • creating the form
  • writing questions 
  • multiple choice
  • short answer
  • rating scale (good for surveys)
How to make a quiz part 2
  • adding style to your quiz with themes

How to make a quiz part 3
  • distributing your quiz to students
  • emailing your quiz
  • embedding your quiz on your Google site 

Self Grading Quiz with Flubaroo

How to make your quiz self-grading using Flubaroo!
  • an introduction to Flubaroo
  • see more details at 
  • Note: this is a great script for collecting grades from your students.  It will not send an email for immediate feedback but will give you a nice report for recording scores in your grade book.  Perfect for summative assessments.  Scroll down to MCQ script for emailing students an immediate score with feedback.


Creating a self-grading answer sheet
 part 1
  Lesson 1: Creating the form (quiz)

Creating a self-grading answer sheet
 part 2
  Lesson 2: Using the Form
  • making an answer key
  • grading the form (quiz)


  • Creating Tiny URLs
  • Creating a QR code for your quiz
  • More on Flubaroo

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Embed a survey in an email


  • Embedding a form (survey) in an email.

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 MCQ script (self grading quiz with correct answers)
  • make a quiz that you can place online or in Blackboard (or just send the kids the link) that will grade itself AND send the student an email showing their score.  The email will show the score, incorrect answers, correct answers, and feedback (that you enter).  The next video shows how to tweak the script to remove correct answers from the email. 
  • Click here to see a sample quiz

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 MCQ script (self grading quiz without correct answers)

  • here is how you can tweak the script to remove the correct answers.  The email will still show incorrect answers and feedback.
  • Click here to take a sample quiz

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     Doctopus script (create student workflow within your Google Drive)

    • create assignments
    • share assignments
    • grade assignments
    • email student grades and feedback
    • see Goobric extention below to add scoring rubrics to assignments
    • MORE on Doctopus and Goobric

    YouTube Video

     Goobric extention (an extention from the chrome store to add scroring rubrics to documents)

    • attach a Goobric (scoring rubric) to your Docutopus spreadsheet (above) and the scoring rubric will appear on the student's assignment (google doc).  You can add scores to the rubric and the scores will also appear in your Doctopus spreadsheet!

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      Text Annotation for Literary Note Taking 
    • create a form from an SDW template that allows students to organize their notes from novels and sort their notes on a spreadsheet.
    • students can organize notes by topic and can even compare notes from different novels.