Student Document Downloads

Parents and faculty advisors can securely access and download student documents (report cards, grades and comments, etc.) via our Podium parent portal.

To download student documents:
  1. Log into Podium as a parent or faculty member.

    Please Note

    You must log in as a parent or faculty member and not a student.
  2. In the Other Portals section on the right, change over to the Parent Portal or Faculty Portal.

  3. In the Secure Student Documents section of the Parent or Faculty Portal, select Student Documents Page.

  4. In the main section of the page a list of one or more students will appear. Please note that for security, documents are available for a limited time. If the documents have expired, please reload the page.
  5. Click on the blue Show/Hide button to display matching documents for a student.
  6. Click on the desired document name to start downloading your document.

  7. Your document will be displayed or downloaded in PDF format – please be sure that you have a PDF viewer installed on your computer. Apple computers come with a PDF viewer preinstalled (Preview), and Microsoft Windows has a variety of free PDF viewer programs that you can choose from. Please note that document display and download depend on individual web browser settings. If you see a "Copy Attempted/Successful" confirmation screen (as shown below) instead of the document, please open the document in your viewer or check your downloads folder and open the file from there.

    If you encounter difficulties or have questions about accessing online student documents, please email