Program Details

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Q:  What is the Online Training Program?
A: is the web's premiere online training provider, with over 1,220 courses in topics ranging from basic computing and business to photography and design. We're very pleased to offer our colleagues free access to these courses.

Q:  Who is eligible for this program?
A:  All Watkinson School faculty and staff are eligible to participate.

Q:  How do I gain access?
A:  We have limited slots available for use. Please use our signup form to add your name to the request list -- access is provided on a first-come, first-served basis. The first time you gain access, you'll be asked to create a account username and password. You'll also receive an email notification containing step-by-step instructions each time you're given access, and the IT Department is always available to help with any other questions or problems.

Q:  How long can I use my access slot?
A:  Access remains open until there is someone waiting for your slot. When there is a waiting list, access is given for two-week periods, similar to taking out a library book. If you've had access for more than two weeks when a waiting list starts, your slot will be closed immediately to allow others to use the service. Otherwise, your access will be available for the full two-week period. You will receive an email notice when your access period has expired.

Q:  What if my access period has expired, but I'm not finished?
A:  If you'd like to continue using after your access period expires, please add your name to the signup form again and you'll be re-added to our request list. You may have to wait until others who are earlier on the list finish their access periods. When access is restored, you'll log in using the same username and password that you established the first time you used

Q:  What if my time has expired, but I still need to finish a course and can't wait for others to finish their allotted times?
A:  We can almost certainly provide short-term access to make sure any time-sensitive training is completed. Please send your request to and we'll make every effort to restore access as soon as possible.