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Community service for the betterment of our communities - put your time and expertise to work improving the health of the Chester River.

photos by Tyler Campbell

Restoration Efforts

Chester River Association volunteers
There are many opportunities within the Chester River watershed to assist in restoration efforts, whether it's planting trees, installing rain gardens, picking up trash along a stream bank, or planting stream-side buffers. Check our events calendar for upcoming opportunities.

Asbury Church, Millington, rain garden planting - courtesy of Jenn Hicks

Administrative Efforts

Administrative duties may not be sexy, but they are vital to our ability to work efficiently and effectively as an organization.

For example,
  • Updating contact information in our membership database is necessary in order for us to connect with people about the river.
  • Sending out yearly membership renewal notices is a vital step in keeping people engaged.
  • Mailing publications - which requires printing, labeling, and stamping - helps people stay informed with our work to improve the health of the Chester.
We can always use help with these and other administrative efforts. Please contact info@chesterriverassociation.org for more information..

Chester Testers

Chester Testers are the Chester River Association's team of citizen scientists. These intrepid volunteers are critical to CRA's effort to monitor our river's health. Currently, 52 volunteers donate over 2,000 hours each year, collecting and analyzing water samples from 26 sites throughout the watershed.

These dedicated, trained volunteers test water quality parameters at 26 sites on tributaries of the Chester River, twice a month. Chester Testers follow specific guidelines and procedures collecting samples in the field and analyzing them in the lab, assuring the highest quality data is collected. Testers also attend yearly quality assurance education and training and receive logistical support provided by our partners at LaMotte Company of Chestertown.

Click here for more information about our Chester Tester program and to learn how to get involved.


The Chester River Association offers internships for young adults. Responsibilities are based on the intern's interests and strengths and the needs of the organization at the time. Hours of work and duration of the position are flexible according to the intern's availability.

An internship at CRA provides valuable real-life work experience in the environmental field. Responsibilities could include producing written materials for our monthly email newsletter, assisting in the planning and production of outreach events, conducting research to aid restoration projects, assisting in water quality testing, and more.

Click here for more details.