1:1 at WMS


The Watertown Public Schools seeks to promote creativity, critical thinking, collaboration and communication in teaching and learning for all students and staff.  To help infuse 21st century skills into our curriculum, with the input of teachers, parents, students, administrations and other school districts, last year we decided to embark on a 1:1 initiative for our students.  This second year of our middle school 1:1 program, we will be giving Chromebooks to 7th and  8th grade students to keep with them throughout the school day.  

Our 9th and 10th grade students will receive devices as well.  High School students will take their devices home with them.  The following year we will roll out this program to our 11th and 12th grade students.  By year four, we hope to have all our secondary students having access to a device that will allow them to gather relevant information in order to create, problem solve, collaborate and communicate to a global audience.

Important documents for students, parents and staff:
*****Cases will be good for the remainder of your child's years at WMS.   Shipping fees have been waived.********
Directions for shopping at Eduporium for the Chromebook case: 
    • Click on “Shop” 
    • The pricing reflects special pricing for Watertown Public Schools, Faculty and Parents only, SHIPPING HAS BEEN WAIVED! 
    • If you navigate away into the full catalog and get lost, just go up to the upper right on “School Store” and click on Watertown, that will bring you right back to the WPS Webstore.
    • If you have issues with the site, please contact Eduporium directly at 617-600-7230, and ask for “WPS Portal support”

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