Parent Child Home Program

The Parent Child Home Program, a research-based, intensive home visiting program that promotes language, literacy, and school success through reading, playing, and verbal interaciton betweeen parents and children. The home visits,including all books, puzzles, games, and educational toys are free to eligible families. Watertown families with children between the ages of 18 months to 4 years are enrolled based on need.

Coordinator: Linda Krieger

30 Common Street (2nd floor)

Watertown MA 02472

(617) 926-6699

The National Office:
1415 Kellum Place, Suite 101
Garden City, New York 11530-1690
t. 516-883-7480
f. 516-883-7481 ]

The Town of Watertown

Strategically located just 6 miles northwest of Boston in Middlesex County, Watertown enjoys the advantages of this metropolitan commercial, residential, and social community while maintaining its own local characteristics and unity. Watertown is rich in ethnic diversity and culture, boasts a high level of citizen involvement, and many amenities such as shopping malls, swimming pools, golf and tennis clubs, skating rinks, athletic clubs, eleven fine parks and public transportation providing easy access to Boston and surrounding communities.

Watertown Community Education

Watertown Community Education recognizes the opportunities for learning and growth during out-of-school time hours as well as the opportunity to decrease risk behaviors while promoting life long learning. Our mission is to provide high quality out-of-school time programming that supports positive youth behavior and youth engagement in learning that will help all students learn at the highest level of performance. As part of our commitment to life long learning, Watertown Community Education also offers a variety of Adult Education.

The Watertown Community Foundation

The Watertown Community Foundation promotes philanthropy, receives and administers charitable gifts and invests in programs that improve the quality of life in Watertown by promoting charity, education and culture in the community.

The Watertown Educators Association

The Watertown Educators Association (WEA), representing educators in the town of Watertown, Massachusetts, advocates for an excellent public education for every child while advancing the interests of public employees.The WEA is affiliated with the Massachusetts Teachers Association and the National Education Association.

Watertown Educators Association Website

The Watertown Education Foundation

The Watertown Education Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting continued improvements in the Watertown Public School system by supporting superior teaching and educational leadership, assisting programs to benefit students, staff and parents, strengthening Watertown's commitment to excellence in education and encouraging support and participation of all citizens, businesses and friends of Watertown in that process.

The Watertown Family Network

The Watertown Family Network is founded on the premise that all families, regardless of economic class, race or level of education, can benefit from information about child development and healthy approaches to parenting as well as opportunities to develop supportive friendships with other families with young children.  Our services are offered to all parents and family caregivers of infants and toddlers, ages birth through 4 years - even babies-to-be!


The Watertown Special Education Advisory Council (SEPAC)

The Watertown Special Education Parent Advisory Council is an all-volunteer organization of parents of children with disabilities in the preschool, elementary school, high school, and in private schools who meet to learn more about special education in Watertown. We sponsor workshops, informational meetings, discussion groups, legislative lobbying efforts and a variety of other activities to help improve our children's education.

Watertown Youth Coalition

The Watertown Youth Coalition, made up of youth, parents, schools, police, social service agencies, health department and concerned residents, work on programs, policies and practices that enhance healthy decision-making capacity of youth in Watertown. Projects include Communities Mobilizing for Change on Alcohol, which seeks to reduce underage access to alcohol and decrease youth alcohol use and Diversity Week at WHS, organized by the WYC Peer Leaders which combines a variety of activities, films, and presentations in which students, faculty and staff can recognize and celebrate the rich diversity of Watertown.

Contact: 617-926-3600

Wayside Multi-Service Center

Wayside Multi-Service Center, a program of Wayside Youth & Family Support Network, since 1968 offers programs and services that enhance resiliency skills of youth, and the adults in their lives, in order to increase healthy choice making. The Multi's prevention and support programs include:

    • The Watertown Youth Coalition and Peer Leadership Program
    • Student Assistance Programs in the middle and high schools
    • Choices Group held at the Boys & Girls Club
    • Afterschool Enrichment Activities at Watertown Public Housing Learning Centers.

Contact: Laura Kurman, Program Director

617-926-3600 x308