Watertown Professional Development

Professional Development in the Watertown Public Schools is committed to offering adult learning that enhances educators' knowledge, skills, and expertise. Through professional development, educators deepen their content knowledge, learn research-based instructional strategies, and strive to understand all students' diverse learning needs while holding them to high expectations.  Professional Development is an investment in constructive improvements of teaching and learning in the District.

We aim to continue to build the capacity of a diverse staff to be excellent teachers and administrators by providing high quality professional development aligned strategic goals, instructional support, coaching, and an evaluation framework that fosters continuous improvement. The focus of our professional development program is to engage educators in communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity.

The Professional Development Team (PDT) in collaboration with principals and curriculum coordinators, plans and implements the Professional Development Program.  Watertown employees are encouraged to keep track of their own professional development points for recertification.  For District PD, Watertown can produce a certificate with course descriptions to be submitted to DESE.

Watertown's approach to Professional Development is unique.  Watertown offers collaborative and meaningful collaboration led by Watertown staff. The professional development model encompasses three meeting strands:
  • Faculty
  • Department/Grade-Level
  • Professional Learning Team
WPS Strategic Goals

Support High Academic Achievement

The Watertown Public Schools will ensure

that each student becomes and accomplished learner in the arts, humanities, mathematics, physical sciences and social sciences. The school

system will provide all students with a learning environment that sets high expectations and stimulates thinking, problem-solving, inquiry,creativity and hard work.

Foster the Capacity for Life-Long Learning

The Watertown Public Schools will ensure

that each student develops a capacity for life-long learning through comprehensive skill development, exposure to a broad universe of knowledge and disciplines, and support for a diversity of learning styles, future plans, and personal interests.

Promote Local and Global Citizenship

The Watertown Public Schools will ensure

that each student becomes informed about

and participates in local and world affairs.

Students will strive to understand people of

different backgrounds and cultures and the

interconnectedness of the contemporary world.