Parent Resources

Excellent site which contains a great deal of information and resources about discipline and behavior management.

At its foundation, NFP is a network of parents who care about their kids and want to keep them safe from drugs. These parents, from different geographic areas, occupations and lifestyles, are united in one understanding: prevention is far better than intervention.

The purpose of NPIN is to provide information to parents and those who work with parents and to foster the exchange of parenting materials. Materials included full text articles which have been reviewed by NPIN for reliability and usefulness. Brochures, publications, and other resources merely listed on NPIN may not have been reviewed.

Provides insight into the reliability of internet resources for students and parents. Most of these resources are downloadable and printable with Adobe Acrobat Reader (link is provided for free download of Adobe Acrobat). Very comprehensive and user-friendly.

The Massachusetts Department of Education has completed the Coordinated Program Review for the Watertown Public Schools.

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