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About Us
We are an organization of caring individuals committed to helping young families. Here , you will find age-appropriate furnishings, toys, books and equipment to be enjoyed by you and your child(ren). We help people of diverse backgrounds be the best parents they can for their children.

Our services are offered to all parents and family caregivers of infants and toddlers, ages babies-to-be to four years old. The program is founded on the premise that all families can benefit from supportive information about child development and healthy approaches to parenting, and opportunities to develop supportive friendships with other families young children.

We offer workshops for parents on issues which are important to you, which have included Stress Management, Women's Health, Computer Workshops, "Joys of Parenting", "Babies, Toddlers, Parents and Sleep", and much, much more! (See the Parents page).

We have facilitated Playgroups and Drop-in Playtimes where parents can meet other parents, and children can play together. They enjoy crafts, snacks, and comfy sitting areas in a child-friendly environment where children and parents can relax. (See our Children's Play page).