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Kingian Nonviolence Conflict Reconciliation Community Course Registration

You are invited to register for our second introductory community course in Kingian Nonviolence Conflict Reconciliation.
To learn more about what this course covers, times and location, click here
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Report of the School Start Times Implementation Task Force

Report of the School Start Times Implementation Task Force
Presentation: Impacts of Changing School Start Times
Memo: Superintendent's Recommendation to Accept the Report

Below please find a link to the Extended Day Program review and an update from Dr. Brackett

Message from Interim Superintendent, Dr. John Brackett

With the members of the Class of 2017 clutching their diplomas and moving on to create ripples in their future, I want to provide three brief reminders:

1)  At Monday’s (June 5) School Committee meeting, NESDEC will present their report on the review of the district’s Extended Day Program offered at our three elementary schools.  To see a copy of the report, please click: EDP Review 

2)  On June 8th at 7:00 PM in Room 301 of the Phillips building, we will provide an update on the progress to-date of the district’s Building for the Future initiative.  At this update meeting, our consulting architects Ai3 will present preliminary conceptual designs for addressing the elementary and middle schools.  Members of the recent SMMA Master Plan Steering Committee have been invited to review and react to this latest thinking and we welcome anyone who may be interested.  Building for the Future is a comprehensive, forward-looking initiative to address learning, operational and capacity improvements for all district facilities.  We recently submitted a Statement of Interest to the Mass School Building Authority for Watertown High School seeking inclusion into the state supported construction program.  We will not learn about that opportunity until late fall, but want to simultaneously move forward on the high needs of our elementary and middle schools.

3)  Reminder that the last day of school for this year is Friday, June 23rd.  It is a half-day.  Despite the weather, summer IS coming. 

Take care,


Accepting Mascot/Logo Proposals for Watertown High School 

The Watertown Public School district has begun a process to identify and select a mascot/logo for the High School.  The High School has a nickname – the Raiders – and school colors – red, white and black – but it does not have an official mascot/logo.  The nickname and school colors provide a common identity and connection to the traditions of the school, teams and community.  A mascot/logo adds to this by presenting a graphic image of that identity and connections.    

The School district is now accepting proposals that identify and describe a mascot/logo for the High School. The proposal shall include a written description of the mascot/logo and may also include, although it is not required, an image of the mascot/logo. The description shall also explain how the mascot/logo relates to the values and traditions of the High School and the community. A graphic designer will assist the Screening Committee with developing images for proposals. Proposals to change the Raiders nickname and school colors will not be considered. Proposals will be reviewed by a Screening Committee created for this purpose. Proposals chosen by the Screening Committee will be presented to the School Committee for a final selection.  

  2017-2018 Bus Transportation Information & Registration

Do you want your child to take the school bus next year? If so, please follow this link to register by June 30 at the latest.

Bus registration is available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, Chinese, Armenian, Pashto, Arabic, Greek, Thai, and Persian. Click the flag icon in the top right corner to choose your preferred language.

Kindergarten/Prekindergarten Information 

Kindergarten Registration Information - click here

Click here for more information on Prekindergarten.

Registration update for new students entering WPS 

For all new students entering Watertown Public Schools, the new registration packet is posted as well as instructions for registering.  Please click here for more information on Student Registration.

Important Message from Dr. Brackett about Netflix's 13 Reasons Why

Good Morning,

We wanted to call your attention to the fact that Netflix has recently released the series 13 Reasons Why, based on the book by the same name.  The fictional story revolves around a 17-year-old girl who takes her own life and leaves behind a series of audio recordings for people who she says played a role in her decision to kill herself.  Further, the show addresses other difficult topics, including rape, bullying, slut-shaming, and drunk driving. It is important to know that the shows in this series may elicit strong feelings.  

Students are talking about it, a number have watched all or some of the series, and it is getting national attention from a number of school and mental health groups.  As always, our role is to inform; your role is to decide if 13 Reasons Why is appropriate viewing for your children.  The National Association of School Psychologists (NASP) strongly recommends that vulnerable students do not watch this series.  Given the nature of these themes, we do not recommend that young children (including middle school aged) be allowed to watch this series alone.

The National Association of School Psychologists (NASP), The JED Foundation, and Commonsense media have created guidance and talking points for educators, students, and families who choose to watch the show:

       NASP 13 Reasons Why Resources


      JED Foundation 13 Reasons Why Resources


      Common Sense Media Resources


At Watertown High School, we have many programs already in place to help vulnerable student groups.  In the 9th grade, all students are provided suicide prevention training with a licensed school social worker.  An active student club is focused on raising awareness of teen suicide and recently raised enough funds to host a school wide assembly with a motivational speaker. The high school has several licensed mental health providers who are available to assist students and make appropriate referrals.

In addition, the Watertown Middle School’s Student Support Team and the Counselors and mental health professionals at the elementary schools are available to you and your children if you have any concerns or would like to talk more about this series.

If you would like more information about these school programs or services or how we might support you, please contact the guidance office at your child’s school.


Watertown Youth Coalition's 2017 Community Spirit Awards

The Watertown Youth Coalition seeks nominations for the 2017 Community Spirit Awards, which honors people committed to the health and well-being of Watertown's youth and families. Nominees will be recognized at the Community Spirit Awards at Arsenal Park on June 20th from 6-7:30pm.  Nominations are due Tuesday, June 13, 2017.  Please submit nominations via this link: bit.ly/2017spiritawards.

Dr. John Brackett's May Newsletter

April vacation is in the rearview mirror, graduation is only weeks away, and MCAS 2.0 (formerly PARCC, formerly MCAS) testing for all students in grades 3-8 is occurring across the district. This year our 4th and 8th grade students are taking the test on-line for the first time.  On-line high stakes testing is a different experience.  Students are asked to complete complex math problems and write thoughtful, well-structured responses to prompts on a Chromebook or laptop.  The amount of effort that our tech department and school staff have committed to make the system work and to troubleshoot glitches that occur during testing has been nothing short of amazing.  Actually, there is probably more stress about on-line testing with the adults than the students who are taking the test.  Early reports are that our students are taking the testing seriously and managing the technology quite well.

State testing is just one aspect of the overall assessment program that we use to help inform our work in the district and with each student.  We use test results to identify learning gaps between groups of students, possible curricular shortcomings, or areas where our instructional methods might not align with the standards being taught.  We also use specific literacy and math assessments that give us information about a student’s progress in reading and computation; teachers use unit assessments to help assess if his/her class is mastering the concepts being taught; teachers also use daily informal check-ins on how well the objective for a given lesson was met. 

The state-testing program plays another role.  It is part of a larger school and school district accountability system. Each district’s math, ELA, and science assessment data for all students and for subgroups of students, students’ growth data, the percentage of students taking the tests, and graduation and dropout rates are factors in the calculation of a Progress and Performance Index (PPI) that is used to rate schools from Level 1 to Level 5, with Level 5 being a school or district in receivership.  All Watertown Schools and the district are Level 2. 

Level 2 indicates we are within the top 80% in the state but have not met specific targets included in the methodology.  If you are interested in more information about our ratings or other assessment or accountability data, please click on:  WPS Accountability Profile

Why does this matter? Recently Commissioner Chester shared a letter that captured the state’s testing program and its value to the state, districts, schools and students.   Commissioner's Letter

We are a continuously improving school district, and want to help all students achieve at high levels and prepare them to be successful in college and career.  We want our graduates to be admitted to the college/university of their choice, or be successful in their entry to a fulfilling job/career.  Does a high PPI result in that?  No, but it provides meaningful benchmarks for us to gauge how we are doing and where we can improve.  Let’s be honest, while we might argue that there are far better indicators of good schools that test data, when families consider moving to a community, they look at test results and performance ratings in comparing communities.  Truth be told, we too look at the results to see how we rate against other similar schools; it’s not a scoreboard, but our pride is involved. 

Don’t hesitate to ask teachers, principals, or district administrators for more information about test results in general, and specifically for your child.

Private/Parochial Choice:  This is the time of year when some families consider if public school is still the best option for their child.  Of course I’m biased toward our schools, but I understand there are other options that parents might feel better serve their family. I sent my kids to public schools; my brother sent his to parochial schools; they’ve all done well.  In making the decision, parents spend hours researching and visiting schools, talking with admissions officers, looking at results, and weighing benefits and costs, advantages and disadvantages, opportunities gained and opportunities lost.  They are being careful consumers.  I respect a parent’s decision but I only ask that before making the decision to attend a school other than their home school here in Watertown, that WPS is given the same opportunity to “recruit” their student as the non-public school.  Basing their decision, having never been in the middle school or high school, or upon another student’s experience or another parent’s perception, may not accurately inform the choice for their child.

If you are considering a non-Watertown school for next year, please contact Dr. Carter or Ms. Lundberg who will invite you and your child to visit, tour, plan, and experience what our schools can provide for family.  I think if you kick the tires on the Watertown schools, you’ll find quality in the ride. (There are my Michigan roots coming out again.)


Mascot:  The search process for a mascot is underway within the district.  I call your attention to the website which provides information about why we are undertaking this initiative and the process to be employed.    Mascot Process 

Calendar revision:  We have had to make a minor revision to the 2017-18 School Calendar.  Because of a conflict we had to move elementary evening conferences to December 12 (from the 14th).  No other changes have been made to the adopted calendar.     Calendar    

Enjoy spring,


Watertown Public Schools FY18 School Committee Adopted Budget

Click here for the FY18 School Committee Adopted Budget.

What's Happening this year in our High School Fab Lab?

YouTube Video

Statement on Respecting Diversity in the Watertown Public Schools

The following statement was prepared by Dr. John Brackett, Interim Superintendent, and Mr. John Portz, School Committee Chairman, who read it aloud at the School Committee meeting on February 15, 2017.

"In Watertown, we celebrate our diversity.  As a school system, we are committed to protecting the right of all students and educators to participate in our learning community.  Recent events at the national level regarding travel restrictions and related actions prompt us to reiterate and reassure that Watertown Public Schools is an open, welcoming, and inclusive place to learn and work.  Debates in national policy continue, but we are committed to providing a safe, learning environment for all students.  The Watertown Public Schools is here to serve, not to judge or exclude.  We treat all students with respect, have high expectations for all, want parents to be our partners, and expect students, educators, and parents to respect the unique qualities that characterize each of us.  Together, we build and support a diverse and respectful community. "

Boston Globe Article about Kingian Training in Watertown Public Schools

The Boston Globe published a story about the unique work happening at WPS.

[Click here to read the article]

 Behavioral Health Resources

Click here for resources from the Massachusetts Office of Victim Assistance.

 Information about our Extended Day Program 

Please click the link below to see frequently asked questions regarding our extended day program for both our elementary and preschool program.

 Boston College & Watertown Public Schools to Collaborate on Increasing Family  Engagement

Below you will find a report that presents findings from a yearlong assessment of the various ways in which the Watertown Public Schools engage families from diverse backgrounds. As part of a collaborative partnership between the district and Boston College, the report aims to document family engagement in the district, highlight innovative practices and identify ‘engagement gaps’ to address in strengthening relationships within the community.

    [Press Release]

    [Needs Assessment Report of Family Engagement 2015-2016 School Year]

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