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8. Grades 4-5: Me and My Community

"Friendships are spectacular!"

Discussion Questions:
  1. What is something you noticed about Lily and Salma? 
  2. What were some words or actions that "broke" their friendship?
  3. Did they fix the friendship?  If yes, how?

Activity #1 - All About Me Sandwiches
Please write your name on the brown paper lunch bag and answer each of these questions on the corresponding part of the sandwich.
  • Bread #1 - What are 3 qualities of a good friend?
  • Bread #2 - What makes you a good friend? i.e. What is a quality about you that makes you a good friend?
  • Meat - What is your favorite type of sandwich
  • Cheese - What is a pet peeve that you have? i.e. What is something that really annoys you in a friendship?
  • Lettuce 1 & 2 - What are some things that break friendships? i.e. hurts our friends
  • Tomatoes 1 & 2 - What are some things that build a friendship?  i.e. make it stronger

[Discussion questions and activities ideas adapted from 6 Elements of Social Justice Ed blog 2/14/2012]

Activity #2 - Creating our Wordle
Please watch the animated video of the book and type your answers from the sandwich into the Google Form below.  When we are done, we will create a Wordle of our favorite sandwiches and a Wordle of the qualities of a good friend and look at them together.

The Sandwich Swap (English)

If the form below is not appearing correctly, here is a link to the Sandwich Google Form.

All About Me Sandwiches

Here are some of the Wordle we generated~
This one is about our favorite sandwiches.

This one is about the qualities we want in our friends.

Activity #3 - Speaking Other Languages
If you finish the activity and have some extra time, you can complete the following survey and watch the animated video of the book in Arabic.

Did you know that this story is also read in another language, Arabic?  This is so cool!!!!!  Queen Rania, the author of this book lives in Jordan, where Arabic is the official language.  Oh! I wish I could speak Arabic too.  I love being able to speak different languages.  Do you know what other languages I have studied in school other than English?

Speaking Other Languages

This is a video of "The Sandwich Swap" in Arabic.

The Sandwich Swap (Arabic)

Activity #4 - The Alliance Pyramid (Alliances are powerful!)

After reading this book together, please work with your group on the "Say Something - Pyramid of Alliance Activity".  Remember, everyone must agree on where to put each picture before you glue it down.  When all the tables are finished, we will debrief and talk about the criteria you used to decide which picture goes where.

Activity #5 - Hey!  What About the Other Kids?
This is a video of the reading of this book.  Let's revisit the book by first watching the video.  Then we will complete the form below.

Say Something by Peggy Moss

If the form below is not appearing correctly, here is a link to the "Hey - What About the Other Kids?" Form.

Hey - What About the Other Kids?

Activity #6 - PSA
This is a video of a Public Service Announcement following the theme of this book.  You can watch it if you have some extra time.

Public Service Announcement

I am curious - if you were to design a PSA video about friendship or being an upstander, what would you include in your video?  What would be your message?  Would you use a song?  May be a clip from a movie?