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In this website you will find information about the Spanish classes at the Hosmer Elementary School. The FLES program at the Hosmer is part of the Watertown World Language Department. For more information about our district-wide department, please visit

How to support learning at home - even if you don't speak Spanish!

Many parents have asked how to support Spanish learning at home. On each newsletter we post activities and tips to practice at home. Also, visit the section *Online games* within each grade level. You will find language learning videos, songs and online language learning games. We have recently added some apps for the students to play and review some vocabulary at home.

**Learn more about how to help your child learn Spanish on the Resources page

Please, feel free to contact the FLES teachers if you have any questions.



First Grade

Second Grade

Señora Sharpe

  • Ms. Beatty

  • Ms. Mattson

  • Ms. Segreve

  • Ms. Landay

  • Ms. McIsaac

  • Ms. Salvucci

  • Ms. O’Connor

  • Ms. Pearse

  • Ms. Stone

Señora Heffernan

  • Ms. Blackwood

  • Ms. Bolton

  • Ms. Tan

  • Ms. Mandile

  • Ms. Massa

  • Ms. Tamalas

  • Ms. McCarthy

  • Ms. Hinds / Ms. Thiemann

Why foreign language learning must be part of the elementary education curriculum?                                                                   

Why Spanish?

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