by Roger Dubuque

A political campaign requires a lot of exposure. Corrugated plastic yard signs advertising someone’s candidacy are often produced. But, if the exposure doesn’t pay off, what happens to all of those signs?

When Doctor Guido Guidotti lost in the election for Watertown City Counsel, he was generous enough to donate his extra signs to the Hosmer Maker Space. We are grateful for his generous gift and have had many opportunities to put the signs to good use.

To begin with, the signs helped solve a fundamental problem with students learning how to type. There was the temptation to look at the keys, which, ultimately delays progress. Using the signs, computer teacher Janet Beaudoin produced unique keyboard covers for all of the Hosmer typing students who follow the Keyboarding Without Tears program.

Velcro fasteners keep the covers properly suspended up over both the keys and the students’ hands. The covers enable students to keep their hands free enough to type comfortably, but unable to peek at the keys. Now, students are using Keyboarding Without Tears to its full potential.

The Annual Hosmer Readathon required building a large channel sign that spelled “Read.” Guido’s signs became the substrate for the massive, 4 feet by 8 feet, electric light. It will be a strong enough sign to be used for years to come.

Many smaller scale projects benefitted from the signs. Mrs. O'Connor's second grade class was able to construct an entire model of planet Earth, replete with continents, landmarks, and national flags. The Hosmer Preschool was able to use Guido’s signs to construct an enormous racing track for toy cars that followed literacy circle on the subject of NASCAR. Teachers have used them as privacy partitions during tests, to protect desks during messy projects, and diorama enclosures. Students have even used the signs to create scale models, which incorporated ratios and measuring from our Common Core math standards.

So what’s next for the signs? We continue to say, “A Guido sign could work,” as a creative solution in the Maker Space. If you have something that we might be able put to good use, let me know at:

Happy making,



When you’re on a long trip in a car

And your destination seems so very far

Open up a book at the beginning of the drive

Don’t hit the brakes until you have arrived

When you’re feeling worn down and you’re sick

Reading is a fun and simple trick

Open up a book at the very first sneeze

And pretty soon, the sickness is a breeze

Read read, read, read, read!

Read by yourself or with some company

Read, read, read, read, read!

When you’re turning through the pages

Then your mind is freed

When you find yourself on vacation

And the weather makes a nasty situation

Open up a book , or your Kindle or your Nook

And change the weather in your imagination

When you having a very bad time

And the world is as sour as a lime

Open up a book and feel yourself unwind

Open up the windows of your mind

Read read, read, read, read, read, read!

Read by yourself or with some company

Read read, read, read, read!

When you’re turning through the pages

Then your mind is freed

Roger Dubuque, Words/ Music ,
Sarah Thieman, vocals Dianna Paul, trumpet Matt Dubuque, drums Hosmer's Teixera Family, fake dispute in car