The Maker Space has several entry points. Students can "drop-in" to do a project individually or participate as a class. Students collaborate on creative projects which stem from and enhance their existing curriculum. Mr. Dubuque moderates the Maker Space.

INTEGRATION: Mrs. O'Connor's second grade class integrated with the Maker Space for a Social Studies Unit. Students were divided into "continent teams" and they researched continental details in the Hosmer library and made seven continents in three dimensions in the Maker Space.

COLLABORATION: The Hosmer "Space Camp" used the Maker Space's vinyl cutter for creating rocket badges.

DROP IN: Students create air powered cars using balloons and recycled materials in the Maker Space.

DROP IN: Analyzing RV schematics, designing, and building his "Ultimate RV."

INTEGRATION: Mrs. Boothby's Fifth grade class embarked on making Viking longboats with Maker Space collaboration.

MAKER CHALLENGE: The Maker Space had thousands of military style dog tags donated for student creative use. Students were challenged to see what they could invent with them.