Library FAQ's

Q: What is the Library's book-borrowing policy?

A: Pre-K and K students may check out one book; students in first and second grade may check out two books; students in third, fourth and fifth grade may check out two or three books, depending on the time allotted for book checkout. These books are due back in two weeks, on their next library day. New books may be checked out when old ones are returned. Please note that not all PK and K classes take their library books home. Check with your child’s teacher for her policy.

Q: What does it mean if a book is overdue?

A: A book is overdue when it stays out of the library for more than the regular borrowing period of two weeks. Sometimes books get “lost” under beds or in the back seats of cars and no one even knows that they are missing! Every few weeks we will send home overdue book notices. These list your childʼs overdue book(s). It is just a reminder to check under the bed!

Q: What happens if a book is lost or damaged?

Students are responsible for the books they borrow. Students who lose or damage books will be asked to replace the books, either in book form or in monetary value (printed on overdue notices). If it is necessary to replace a book, please contact Mr. Dubuque before doing so. We have many students and a small collection, so it is important that books come back!

Q: Is it possible to donate books to the library?

A: Yes. Please contact Mr. Dubuque with questions about donations.