Here were some of our favorite things this week:
•	Making Johnny Appleseed during group time
•	Learning Listen to Reading as part of daily five!
•	Going apple picking – even in the rain!
•	Apple tasting and graphing our results
•	Having our families visit out classroom!

Important Dates
Tuesday, November 6th:  No School, Professional Day Teachers
Wednesday, November 7th:  Early Dismissal 12:15
Thursday, November 8th:  Early Dismissal 12:15
Friday, November 9th:  Early Dismissal 12:15
Monday, November 12th:  No School, Veterans Day
Wednesday, November 21st:  Early Dismissal, 12:00
Thursday, November 22nd:  No School, Thanksgiving
Friday, November 23rd:  No School, Thanksgiving

Phonemic Awareness
Phonemic awareness is the ability to hear and manipulate sounds in words.  It is the understanding 
words are made up of sounds, which can be assembled in different ways to make different words.  
a child has phonemic awareness, they are aware that sounds are like building blocks that can be used 
build all the different words.  Phonemic awareness is auditory and does not involve words in print.  
These are skills we work on daily in the classroom and ones that can be worked on easily at home.  
From time to time, I will  send home games that will help build your chld’s phonemic awareness.  If 
have any questions, please let me know.  

---What Does Not Belong?
Parent gives the child three words. Two of the words rhyme. Child finds the word that does not 
belong (does not rhyme).

Parent: "rat, men, hat"
Child: "men"

Sample Word List

Thank you to all the parents who helped on the field trip!    

Fire Safety Month
This  month is fire safety month.  Kevin McDonald, a Watertown firefighter visited us yesterday to 
teach us all about fire safety.  There if fire safety homework in each child’s folder.  When your child 
returns this to school, he or she will recive a firefighter helmet!  

Questions to Ask Your Child
Where do apples grow?
What number do you call in an emergency?
What is one thing you did this week to have helping hands?
What is the first thing you should do if there is a fire in the house?  (Get out!)
What was your favorite color apple?  Which color did the class like the most? (red)  The least? (yellow)
How many days have you been in school?  (24)
How many apples tall were you?  (Most kids were 7, a few were 8)
Who has a birthday in October?  (Ani, Iris, Camilla)