Room 213 Update

September 4, 2018



4th Grade-Room 213!

We are very excited to have your child in our class. We can't wait to see you on Tuesday, September 4 at 8:05 AM. Below is some information that may be helpful. I believe that working as a team with parents is the best way to ensure an optimal learning experience at school!  You are always welcome to ask us questions, make suggestions for projects, and check in about your child. Please feel free to contact me at any time.

Kelly Graves

Curriculum Overview

Reading: Students participate in whole class, small group, and individual reading instruction. The reading block begins with a mini-lesson where a reading skill or strategy is modeled and taught. Students then have time to practice the skill/strategy while reading independently, in a small group, or in a conference with a teacher. Our goal is to encourage strong, enjoyable reading and foster a lifelong love of reading.

Word Study: Using the Words Their Way word study program, students learn spelling patterns, vocabulary, and grammar through the exploration of patterns.

Writing: Writing is a very important part of the 4th grade curriculum, and is practiced across many content areas. Drawing from Empowering Writers, Lucy Calkin’s Writer’s Workshop and other curriculums, we explicitly teach students features of writing including complete sentences, paragraphing, word choice, the use of figurative and descriptive language, and more. They practice the three main writing genres: narrative, expository, and opinion. We share many read alouds so they can examine, discuss, and emulate good writing.

Math: Fractions, multiplication and division are at the core of our math standards this year. Using the Singapore Math approach, our Math in Focus curriculum utilizes a problem-solving approach to learning mathematics. This emphasis on problem solving over memorization will serve students as they progress through 5th grade and beyond.

Social Studies: Our social studies curriculum is focused on the study of geography in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.  Students learn, through the use of maps and other documents, about the characteristics, landmarks, and history of U.S. regions, as well as the general geography of the North American continent. We culminate the school year with an in-depth study of immigration.

Science: Massachusetts Science Standards have shifted over the last couple of years. We will spend the first part of the year studying plant and animal structures and how they support the survival of a species. After that, the focus shifts to energy in different contexts. Finally, in the spring, we will study weathering and effects of erosion.  Throughout all of these topics, students will also be thinking like engineers and working in teams to create or design projects.


Class Rules

1. Work hard and believe in yourself.

2. Listen when someone is talking.

3. Foster in yourself a love for learning

4. Respect others and yourself

5. Be kind and honest.

A Typical Day:

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday follow the schedule below. On Tuesdays, we write at 8:35 AM and we go to Special at 12:50.

8:05-Students enter building

8:15-8:30-First period of day begins with Morning Meeting



10:15-10:55-Science or Social Studies



11:45-11:55-Agendas/Quiet Activity


12:55-1:45 Writing

1:45-2:00-Word Study

2:00-2:20-Read Aloud


We rotate through 5 different specials each week. All Specials are at 8:35, except for Music which is at 12:50 on Tuesdays.

Monday: Art

Tuesday: Music (12:50 PM)

Wednesday: Library/Computer

Thursday: Gym

Friday: Gym

Please make sure your child wears sneakers and brings a sweatshirt or sweater on Gym days.


The purpose of homework is to practice a learned skill or strategy.  It should never be stressful or time consuming. If it is, please let us know. Generally, we give one math sheet most days, spelling homework 1-2 times a week, and occasionally writing or content area homework.  Reading for 20 minutes is expected each night. There is never homework on the weekends unless a student has not managed their time well in class. If your child is struggling with homework, have them write us a note or put a question mark next to a problem.


Kelly Graves,
Aug 15, 2017, 5:43 AM