About the Teacher

NAME: Mrs. Julie Erwin

SCHOOL: Cunniff School

CLASS: 5th Grade


My name is Julie Erwin and I am excited to join your class this year.  I look 
forward to a year that is full of learning in all subject areas.  Not only am 
I teacher, but I am a mom of a sixteen year old girl and a fifteen year old
boy which gives me a better understanding of what it is like to be young and
in fifth grade. My daughter, Catherine will be getting her license in September and 
Robert is starting a new school and will have an adult commute.  There will be big
 changes in the Erwin household

In my career as a teacher, I have been in the second, third, and fourth grades
have taught technology.  When I'm not in school, you can find me doing  a ton of driving during the week 
driving Catherine back and forth to swimming.  But that will all change soon.
And just like you, I read for at least a half hour a night and I can honestly say that 
I learn something each time and become more knowledgeable each day!!

When I am not in school, you can find me enjoying vacation with my family.  
or simply in my backyard enjoying and pool.