Parent Newsletter


Hello Hosmer Community,


As we approach the end of the calendar year we look forward to a much appreciated break to gather ourselves and reflect on the past four months. A lot has happened in a fairly short time, the most of which is learning that is taking place in the classrooms and beyond. As you know, we did not see the results we had hoped for and expected with the MCAS 2.0. I believe that we some some components necessary for success in place such as enthusiastic learners, supportive parents and dedicated staff but we were missing some things. Solid curriculum, aligned assessments, and focused professional development for teachers were lacking for quite some time but are now in place.

Our first and second grade classrooms are using a program called Fundations that puts an emphasis on phonics based instruction. In another words, how letters are linked to sounds  (phonemes) to form letter-sound correspondence and spelling patterns. We are also instituting a program through Teaching and Learning Alliance to map out just what the most most effective use of time for a literacy looks like. This isn't reinventing the wheel but rather being efficient with time and resources for maximum results. The students don't notice the difference as it is a subtle one. 

Professional development has also increased through our Math and Science Coordinator and Math Coach, who organize teacher training, co teach, and act as subject matter experts to the teachers regarding mathematics. Our Math and Science Coordinator, Elizabeth Kaplan has also been busy training teachers on a science initiative called Stem scopes.

I am optimistic that the efforts being put forth will get the desired result. In the meantime, your children have been doing quite a bit of work that is positively affecting their education and we see those results every day in our district assessments. The untested things like grade one visiting the senior center to sing songs or efforts to collect coats for those less fortunate not to mention the day to day acts of kindness your children exhibit.

This is a great community with a rich learning environment. I am confident that the children are having a great educational foundation. Thank you for your continuing support of the Hosmer School.


Mr. LaRoche