Parent Newsletter


Dear Hosmer Community,

I know, it is hard to believe that we are looking towards the fall already! As we begin the thoughtful process of assigning students to classrooms for next year I welcome your input. If there is a teaching style or specific area that you favor for your child, please send a letter informing us as to your preference. You may address the letter to either the guidance counselors or me. For pre kindergarten to grade two, write to Georgia Mulgrew. For grades three, four, and five write to Erin Condon.  As always, we can’t accommodate a specific request for a teacher, as there are many moving parts to this process. We will have our move up day in June where students get to meet their future teacher.

Please join us for our April PTO meeting to hear about all of the good things happening in school, participate in some programs, or ask questions. This is your opportunity to play a role in the school life of your child.

MCAS starts April 3rd for grade four online. A change that may impact you is that there is no longer an option to “opt out” of testing. All students in grade three through five will be offered the MCAS during the testing period. If they “refuse” to take it, they may stay in the classroom reading a book or can join another class to do the same. This is a State requirement and should the number of refusals rise above 10% the district may be given a level 3 rating. That would not be good for us. Please prepare your students during this time by getting plenty of sleep and eating a good breakfast.


International Day and Night was an enormous hit and we are thankful for all who participated and planned these excellent events. From traditional dances from India to children’s Zumba, great fun was had by all!

This day, full of activities was generated by a request from two fifth grade students. A persuasive letter written by these two girls reads:

“My friend and I were wondering if we could share our thoughts with you. So, here is our idea…we could wear an outfit from where we are from and students could bring a traditional item to show the class.” It was too persuasive to ignore!

The night did not disappoint either. Many incredible booths were set up to share aspects of cultures that are relevant to our children. The food that families provided proved to be a more than adequate feast for the hundreds in attendance. This was truly a community event and I am proud and appreciative to be around such amazing people.

As always, thank you for supporting education in Watertown.


Mr. LaRoche