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Educators: Classroom Teachers & Specialists
This page contains email and classroom links.
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WMS Homework Clusters
Cluster 1 > Homework Clusters
Cluster 2 > Homework Clusters
Cluster 3 > Homework Clusters
Cluster 4 > Homework Clusters: Cluster 4 teachers use Google Classroom for homework
Cluster 5 > Homework Clusters
Cluster 6 > Homework Clusters

English Language Arts & Humanities [Dept]
Maureen Regan > 6-12 English Coordinator
Karen Kline > Humanities: 8th Grade [classroom site]
Amanda Morris > Humanities: 8th Grade [classroom site]
Laura Shock > Humanities: 8th Grade [classroom site]
Dan Skop > Humanities: 8th Grade [classroom site
Ellen Fitanides > Humanities: 7th Grade [classroom site]
James Kirkcaldy>
Humanities: 7th Grade [classroom site]
Kerri Lorigan > Humanities: 7th Grade [classroom site]
Lisa P. McDonagh > Humanities: 7th Grade [classroom site]
Kara Conceison
Language Arts: 6th Grade
[classroom site]
Zachary Allen>
Language Arts: 6th Grade [classroom site]
Language Arts: 6th Grade [classroom site]

English as a Second Language [Dept]
Yvonne Endara
ESL Coordinator [department site]
Sheila Gilmartin >
Jenessa Grant >

Fine, Applied & Performing Arts [Dept]
Magen Slesinger > Curriculum Coordinator [classroom site]
Abigail Casey >
Music/Chorus/Drama [classroom site]
Dan Jordan >
Fred Schuetze > Music  
Karen Stern > Visual Art [classroom site] 

Mathematics [Dept]
Dan Wulf > 
6-12 Math Coordinator [classroom site]  
Edward Cafua > 
Math: 8th Grade 
Aram Manoukian > Math: 8th Grade
Phillip G. Martin > Math: 7th Grade 
TBD > Math: 7th Grade [classroom site] 
Ann Palermo > Math: 6th Grade 
[classroom site]
Alison Tammaro > Math: 6th Grade [classroom site] 

Digital Learning and Library 
Toni Carlson > Digital Learning and Library Coordinator > [department site]
Leah Maroni-Wagner > Library Media Specialist [classroom site]
Justin Schmidt > Makerspace Educator  > [makerspace site]

Science [Dept]
Lynsey Kraemer > 
6-12 Science Coordinator [department site 
Tegan Condon Science: 8th Grade [classroom site] 
Elissa Wll
Karen MacAulay > Science: 7th Grade [classroom site]  
Heather Smith > Science: 7th Grade [classroom site]  
Margaret Ferguson-Maltzman > Science: 6th Grade [classroom site] 
Jessie Daigneault > Science: 6th Grade  

Matthew Loughran > Technology Education 

Physical Education and Health [Dept]
Joseph Lampman > Coordinator of Physical Education and Health
Thomas Johnson >
Physical Education
Shannon McLaughlin
> Physical Education 
Nicole Dube LOA > Health 

Literacy [Dept]
Allison Donovan > K-8 Literacy Coordinator
Debra King > Literacy Interventionist
Elisheva Zuckerberg > Teacher [classroom site]

Social Studies [Dept]
Kraig Gustafson > 
6-12 Social Studies Coordinator 
Lauriann Kelland > Geography: 6th grade [classroom site]
Christopher McDermott > Social Studies: 6th Grade [classroom site]

Special Education [Dept]
Andrew Allegro > Special Education
Brian E. Donato > Special Education
James Duffy
> Special Education
Megan Griffin  > Special Education
Sofia Gugliotta
> Special Education
Sarah Juusola
> Special Education
Deborah S. Kelly > Special Education
Kathleen A. Kiernan
> Special Education
Donna DiDuca > Special Education 
Amy Magill > Connections Teacher 
Speech - Language Therapist [Dept]
Diane Welton >
Speech / Language Therapist

World Language [Dept]
Adam Silverberg >
6-12 Coordinator [department site]
Ruth Henry > Language- Spanish [classroom site]
Angela Kuzemczak > Language- Italian [classroom site]
Hend Altalli > Language