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Educators & Classroom Links

Watertown High School: 617 926-7760

Educators: Classroom Teachers & Specialists
This page contains email and classroom links.
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[Dept. Link]
Michael Lahiff > Athletic Director [department site] 
Jae Smith > Administrative Assistant 617 926-7748

Career & Technical Education [Dept. Link]
Laura Alderson Rotondo Coordinator 
Deborah Johnson Family Consumer Science [classroom site] 
Mark Boudreau Industrial Education  [classroom site]  
Todd Robbins TV Productions [classroom site]
Bryan Campbell > Engineering  

English Language Arts [Dept. Link]
Maureen Regan > 6-12 Language Arts Coordinator [classroom site]
Malcolm Cooke > Language Arts [classroom site]  
Jessica DePamphilis > Language Arts [classroom site] 
Joanna Honig > Language Arts [classroom site] 
Jennifer Pleat Language Arts 
Graham Madden > Language Arts 
Vivienne Mulhall > Language Arts [classroom site]  
Tinamarie Piscatelli > Language Arts 

Yvonne Endara > ESL Coordinator [department site]  617 926-7700
Nyssa Patten > ESL 
Sonia Tamakian > ESL  

Fine, Applied & Performing Arts [Dept. Link]
Magen Slesinger > Curriculum Coordinator [classroom site]
Fred Schuetze > Music Instructor  
Dan Dressler > Visual Art [classroom site] 
Daniel Jordan > Music Instructor 
Dan Wulf > Music Instructor [classroom site] 

World Languages [Dept. Link]
Adam Silverberg  > 6-12 World Languages Coordinator [department site] 617 926-7760
Kaya Aragon-Herbert > Foreign Language
Maria Berardinelli > Foreign Language [classroom site]
Mona BouhafsForeign Language
Jennifer Chiodo > Foreign Language [classroom site] 
David DeMaio > Foreign Language [classroom site]
Hallie Lutz > Foreign Language

Mathematics [Dept. Link]
Dan Wulf > 6-12 Mathematics Coordinator [classroom site] 617 926-7738
John Cacace > Mathematics [classroom site]  
Steve Harrington > Mathematics [classroom site]  
Toni Carlson > Computer Science [classroom site]
Karen Trenholm > Mathematics 
Elena WiknerMathematics [classroom site] 

Physical Education & Health  [Dept. Link]
Joseph LampmanK-12 Health and PE Coordinator [department site]
Hillary Glencross > P.E. Teacher [classroom site]
Adam Joyce > P.E. Teacher 
Michael FlynnP.E. Teacher  

Science [Dept. Link]
Amanda Makosky > 6-12 Science Program Director [classroom site] 617 926-7760
Brian Brewer > Science 
Gary Bridge > Science 
Bryan Campbell > Science 
Erik Hiltunen > Science
Frank Elliot . LTS Biology
Evan Nabel > Science 

Social Studies [Dept. Link]
Kraig Gustafson > 6-12 Social Studies Coordinator [classroom site] 617 926-7760
James Buck Social Studies [classroom site] 
Sandra Hoffman > Social Studies [classroom site] 
Brian Lynch > Social Studies [classroom site] 
David Mastro > Social Studies [classroom site] 
John Rimas > Social Studies [classroom site] 
Erin McGovern > Social Studies  

Special Education [Dept. Link]
Marie Mele > 6-12 Coordinator of Special Education [department site] 617 926-7760
Norman DesTrempe > Special Education 
Raymond Fox > Special Education 
Brian Foye > Special Education 
Claire Higgins > Special Education
Kacie Kirkpatrick Special Education
Patrick O'Neill > Special Education 
Torbjorn Phillpotts > Special Education 
Christine Seashore > Special Education 
Robert Randall > Special Education 
Mary Russo > Special Education 
Alyssa SmithSpecial Education 
Laura Licuanan > Special Education 
Teresa Malone > Special Education 
Joanne Spagnolo Special Education 
Oscar Hughes Special Education
Ian Ward Special Education

Digital Learning and Library and Lab Aides
Toni Carlson > Digital Learning and Library Coordinator > [department site]
Erin Piazza > Library Media Specialist [classroom site] 
Elizabeth Lloyd > Digital Learning Coach 
Hugh McLaughlinMath Lab Aide  
Barbara PowderlyLibrary Aide  
Tess Schuster > Writing Lab Aide 

Christopher Cochran > Reading  

Student Services

Felicia Voudris > Psychologist >
John Bresnihan > Social Worker 
Sara York > Evaluation Team Chair 
Theodore DiSciscio > Adjustment Counselor