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Educators and Specialists

Early Steps Integrated Preschool: 617-926-7765

Educators: Classroom Teachers & Specialists
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Anita Anastasi > Connections Program Teacher
Tina Cobuccio > Preschool Teacher
Maureen Connolly > Special Education
Kristen Delaney > Preschool Teacher
Keri Gardiner > Preschool Teacher
Elizabeth McElroy > Preschool Teacher
Ryan McSheffrey > Teacher
Beth Furtado > ELL Teacher

Speech & Language

Megan Olowinski > Speech and Language
Allison Brown > Speech and Language/Evaluation Team Chair


Ashley Buia > Psychologist

Elizabeth Sloan > BCBA
Stephanie Camargo > Occupational Therapist
Maria Kendricken > Physical Therapist
Nancy Salvucci > Physical Therapy Assistant

Kristen Marsh > Intake