Watertown Community Education

Debi Cornelius
Director, Watertown Community Education
September 1, 2017

Dear Watertown Elementary Families:

With the start of the school year quickly approaching, we want to provide you with some updates regarding the Community Education Extended Day Program.  

  • The Before- and After-School Programs will provide services to registered students in grades 1 through 5 beginning Tuesday, September 5th and grades Pre-kindergarten and Kindergarten beginning Thursday, September 7th.  
  • Site Coordinators at each elementary school have emailed parents a ‘Welcome Letter’ with specific information about the Program and the tuition sheet. 
  • We will offer a Parent Orientation in September and a meet-and-greet with our teachers in October (dates TBD).

Our Director of Community Education, Beth Sahakian, Coordinator of Adult and Children’s Programs, Rita Foglia, and the Hosmer Extended Day Site Coordinator, Chris Hart, retired effective August 18, 2017. Together these dedicated women spent over 70 years supporting the children of Watertown Public Schools, before and after the school days ended. We are most grateful for all of the work and commitment that they collectively provided to the Watertown Public Schools over the years. 

A representative interview team was designed that included two elementary principals, a site coordinator, three parents (one from each building) and the Assistant Superintendent of Teaching, Learning, & Assessment. We’re delighted to share that all three positions are now staffed with excellent, experienced educators.

  • Debi Cornelius is our new Director of Community Education. Debi is a Watertown resident who spent the last seven years as the Center Director at Bright Horizons Family Solutions in Boston. Prior to that, Debi held leadership positions in community-based care centers serving children aged infancy to 12 years old, and managed an education and training program that supported adult learners. Debi has a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Development/Family Studies from the University of Connecticut.
  • Additionally, Reis Colgan is the new Hosmer Extended Day Site Coordinator. Reis is well-known and well-regarded by many in his Watertown circles as he was the Before-School Coordinator and an instructional assistant at Hosmer since 2013. Reis has a Bachelor of Arts in Education from Rhode Island College, with a minor in history. He will continue his role as the Before-School Coordinator at Hosmer.
  • The final position, Coordinator of Adult and Children’s Programs, has been staffed and the candidate will join us in two weeks (after successful contract negotiations).

With this transition in leadership happening late in the summer, we have been working tirelessly to fill Extended Day staffing positions and ensure we have an appropriate number of teachers and assistants to continue to provide a high level of programming and care to the children in our Extended Day Programs.  While we have made great headway in hiring for these positions, there are still a number of open positions across the three elementary schools.

We want to assure you that safety is always our primary focus and will be especially important during the first two weeks of school as we continue to fill the remaining positions.  During the first two weeks, we plan to provide adequate staffing coverage, despite the open positions that currently exist, by implementing the following practices:

  • Our wonderful Site Coordinators at each elementary school will be working side-by-side with the teachers and filling open positions themselves, as needed.
  • Some age groups will be combined to create larger groupings of students while still having age-appropriate and age-specific offerings (merging of age groups will be done with the ages and safety of children in mind, and it is not a permanent solution).
  • Some part-time staff members have kindly agreed to work on a full-time basis until more teachers are hired.
  • Open positions are being advertised through a variety of outlets, and frequent interviews are being conducted.

The first two days of school, September 5th and September 6th (when Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten children are not present), we will be operating the Extended Day Program at each site with large group activities being offered.  Exact groupings will be determined as we confirm enrollment in each age group. The large groups will rotate between structured and unstructured age-appropriate activities being offered in the cafeterias, gymnasiums, playgrounds, fields, school libraries, and computer labs where available/applicable. We will share updates of grade-level groupings with parents after the first two weeks of school when student enrollment and staffing are steady.

The Extended Day Program at all three elementary schools is currently accepting registration forms to add families looking to enroll to our waitlists.  As we fill open staffing positions in these programs we will continue to assess the waitlists and place children as availability allows.  Please know that placing families from our waitlist is a priority that we are working toward it with urgency.  

Debi will keep you updated on the progress of hiring and waitlists during this significant transition. Thank you in advance for your support in working with us to stabilize and strengthen our Extended Day Program.

Enjoy this beautiful Labor Day weekend.

Kind regards,

Theresa B. McGuinness, Ed.D.

Assistant Superintendent of Teaching, Learning, & Assessment

Before and After School Programs

           Elementary Before School Programs:
For more information call 617 923-7653. The Before School Program is available at the Cunniff, Hosmer and Lowell Schools and runs from 7:15AM to 8:20AM. It provides quiet activities, games and crafts. Homework time is provided. Emergency coverage is also available. A fee is charged.

Extended Day Programs:
The Extended Day Program provides after school care for children Grades Pre-K through Grade 5 until 6PM daily. In addition, the Program offers a safe and enriching place during conference days, early release days, full day February and April Vacations and 10 weeks during the summer. For more information contact Debi Cornelius, Director of Community Ed. @ 617 923-7653, 

The Program also offers an emergency drop off service at both Before and Extended Day, for parent/guardians who may have a commitment or an urgent matter to attend to on an occasional basis.

Extended Day Programs
 Courses for Kids
 Courses for Kids provides enrichment courses for elementary school students after school. 

Watertown Adult and Community Education

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Watertown Community Education in collaboration with Ed2Go offers a wide variety of instructor led on-line courses. New courses offered monthly beginning in August.   For a full list of over 300 courses, please log on to www.ed2go.com/wce.  Register Now!

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Courses for Kids
Courses for Kids provides enrichment courses for elementary school students after school. 

Courses for Kids

Courses for Kids

Courses for Kids