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About The Teacher

"Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we    
 grow up"  Picasso

Welcome to the Lowell Art Studio!
I'm very excited to share my love for the visual arts with your child. My goal
is to give your child many stimulating creative experiences using a variety of
art media and techniques. Lessons are structured to teach elements and
principles of art and designs (lines, shapes, color, value, pattern, texture,
form, balance and unity).My approach to teaching art combines art
history,multicultural activities, visual art vocabulary, problem solving and
critical thinking skills and creative expressive experiences.All lessons cover
the Mass.Department of Education Standards and Frameworks.

Mission For The Class

 The arts are an integral part of human experience and, therefore, an 
essential component in the education of all people. They have equal value 
with all other intellectual and creative pursuits and enable us to celebrate 
and preserve our diverse cultural heritage. Students of the arts actively 
participate in and experience their learning, using all senses while 
discovering and developing their own unique intelligences and learning 
styles. The mission of Watertown Public Schools Fine Arts Program is to 
foster creative expression in students by providing the essential skills and 
knowledge necessary for those who wish to pursue a career in the arts. We 
also seek to create a sensitivity to and respect for all students, enhancing 
the quality of their lives and an understanding of the diversity of human 
expression in the global village in which we all live.
Gallery of student"s workS- www.instagram.com/K5ART

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