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Daily Lesson Plan

Tiny Pants Challenge

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Use perspective to combine items large and small in a surprising way.

Community Art Project

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Goss Grove Neighborhood Art
Make a new post on your own portfolio under Recent Learning Experiences.  Title it Spirit of Creativity: Community Art Project.  Address the following prompts and insert two or more photos of your project-in-progress.  You may need to take some photos during the building process.

1) Describe the art project.  How will it work?  Where will it be installed?  Who will use it and how?  How will it promote creativity?

2) Describe the evolution of the project.  How has it changed and developed since you first started thinking about the idea?  What challenges have you encountered and how has your group problem-solved?  How have the constraints (of time, materials, etc) helped your group to be more creative?

3) Describe your group work process.  Describe your personal role in the group.  What have you done that has been productive and effective?  When you've needed some redirection and re-focusing, what have your group members done that worked to loop you back in?

4) Think about field trips we've taken where we've seen groups of people working together creatively.  Describe a few examples.  How does their group work create community?  Finally, apply that to your group - how has working in a group enhanced your creative process?

5) Compare your community art project to several others we've seen in our course.  How are they similar and different in the way they stimulate creativity in others?

Send the URL of your finished post to Jen B, Taylor, Jen C, and your parents.

Tuesday, May 13

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Try your hand at the Bridge Challenge.  Report in your field journal what you learned about bridge design.  Next, do the New Bay Bridge activity.  What else do you need to consider when designing for earthquake country?  Alternatively, try James's suggestion: Cargo Bridge.

Write in your journal about at least two of these activities.

Monday, May 12

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  • 10am Tour the Integrated Teaching and Learning Lab at CU with myoelectrical engineer Jacob Segil, who has invented a new type of prosthetic hand.
  • Work on Rube Goldberg Contraption aiming for a final run on Tuesday.

Friday, May 9

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  • Letterpress field trip to The Book Arts League in Lafayette.  Brenda Gallagher teaches us about the history of book making and letterpress reproduction.  Try your hand at setting type: what did you learn?
  • Tour SparkFun with Educational Engineer Brian Huang.
  • Get Sugru for weekend experiment.

Thursday, May 8

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Carve a stamp for your Maker.  Take a photo of the final stamp & image and upload it to your Stamp and Seek post.  Make a log book (if Jen can find the materials), name your stamp (make sure the name is unique on and write a "clue" to direct people to find your Maker and your stamp at the Faire.

Sugru - The Future Needs Fixing
  • What is sugru?
  • How was it developed?
  • What can it be used for?
  • A wrong turn in the design process: Bike Light?  or more versatile Magnet Attacher?

Your turn: Collect ideas for how you might use Sugru, then choose one to do over the weekend.  Reflect on the fixing process and the outcome, then bring your object (or a photo) to share on Monday, May 12.

Rube Goldberg

After lunch: Community art projects

2:30 ASL with Tegan and deaf visitor Rebecca Herr

Wednesday, May 7

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  • Folsom Custom Ski demo and shop tour with Mike McCabe
  • Visit the Museum of Outdoor Art - Englewood Civic Center sculpture park
  • Tour the VSA Access Gallery to learn how they support disabled artists

Tuesday, May 6

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  • Meet architect Sam Austin and tour his biggest and smallest design projects.  How does Sam design living spaces to meet his clients' needs?
  • Artist Janat Dundas visits Watershed to lead us through "Process Painting", which focuses on the act of painting rather than the final product.
  • Work on Community Art projects
  • ASL with Tegan

Monday, May 5

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Tinkering and the Design Process

Rube Goldberg
Pitagora Suichi episodes

Friday, May 2

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Dr. Diabolical, the Evil Genius (a.k.a. Scott Frey) visited Watershed to share his passion for building kinetic sculptures.

Tinkertoy Challenge: Build and combine structures, starting alone, then recombining until we create one large sculpture.

ASL World Deaf Culture Simulation at Front Range Community College.  Get a passport, visit "shops", and purchase items at a (real) bake sale - all in American Sign Language.  Learn to communicate in a "voices-off" environment.

Reflect on the week: Group discussion to remember all that we did.  Solo reflection in field journals.  Post a response to one Essential Question on the class Conversations blog.  If others have posted before you, read their comments first and connect your response to theirs, if that makes sense.

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