May Term 2014

Staffing the Stamp and Seek booth at the MakerFaire
In this course, 6/7th graders examine the origins of ideas and consider how creativity changes our lives. They meet artists, inventors, and do-it-yourself'ers, and they are challenged to tinker, prod, question, and create.

Taught by Taylor Replane and Jen Bamesberger, joined by Tegan Corradino for American Sign Language lessons and Bay Area travel.

Our Essential Questions
  • Where do ideas come from?
  • How do ideas become reality?
  • Can creativity be learned?
  • How do we create community?
  • If you can't open it, do you really own it?
Course Overview
At Watershed
Mon April 28 - Tues May 13
    Investigate our creative spirit, practice innovation and team skills, and meet local inventors.

  • Community Art Projects: Build interactive art installations around school
  • Communicating without speech: Learn American Sign Language and look at Deaf culture with Tegan
  • Letterboxing: A geographic hunt for artistic treasure
  • Work through Keri Smith's Wreck This Journal
  • Inventions and the Iterative Design Process: Sugru, the Rube Goldberg Challenge, and Deconstruction Day, where we take stuff apart to see how it work(ed)
  • The Building of the Golden Gate Bridge

Field Excursions and Guest Speakers

  • Mike, owner of Folsom Ski, shows us how they design and build custom skis
  • Dr Diabolical, aka Scott Frey, Kinetic sculpture racer, shows off his latest vehicles in the school parking lot
  • Jacob Segil, myoelectrical engineer, will share his prosthetic hand he invented and tour us around the CU Integrated Teaching and Learning Lab
  • Shop at the Resource Area for Teachers in Denver
  • Sam Austin, architect, shares design projects large and small (well, tiny actually)
  • Tour SparkFun
  • ...and more!

On The Road Wed May 14 - Mon May 19
We traveled to the San Francisco Bay Area to attend the Maker Faire and host our booth, Stamp and Seek.
  We were one of 1100+ exhibitors, with over 130,000 people attending.  Get a drone's eye view of the Faire (look for our big pink umbrella at 1:53).  We also immersed ourselves in experiential learning at the Exploratorium, traversed the City via multiple forms of public transit, walked on the Golden Gate Bridge, and built sand castles at Ocean Beach.  More details

     Huge thanks to the Maker Folks for comping us free tix to the Faire - that's no small savings!  We are extremely appreciative.

Back at Watershed Wed May 21  - Tues May 27
    Kids reflect on our experiences and prepare to share their learning with the community at Reflections on Learning (ROLs) 5/27 at 5:30pm.

Field Trip Calendar

Community Events
Read about our visit to architect Sam Austin's tiny home on his Rhino Cubed blog.

Watch Caine's Arcade to see how a little boy built a public art display in East L.A.  (Thanks, Megan!)

Daily Lesson Plans

  • Tiny Pants Challenge Use perspective to combine items large and small in a surprising way.
    Posted May 23, 2014, 12:53 PM by
  • Community Art Project Make a new post on your own portfolio under Recent Learning Experiences.  Title it Spirit of Creativity: Community Art Project.  Address the following prompts and insert two or more photos ...
    Posted May 22, 2014, 6:09 AM by
  • Tuesday, May 13 Try your hand at the Bridge Challenge.  Report in your field journal what you learned about bridge design.  Next, do the New Bay Bridge activity.  What else do you need ...
    Posted May 13, 2014, 9:01 AM by
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