Welcome to your one-stop resource for all your Watershed Assessment needs!  The purpose of this website is to provide you with all of the instructions and resources needed to complete your required educator assessments.

For Spring 2009 Mid-Term Assessments, all once-per-week assessments are due by 8PM on Friday night, April 10th

Steps for a successful assessment period

Cliff's Notes Version
  • Step 1: Confirm your class enrollment with the links below
  • Step 2: Email Cory 2 pieces of information:
    1. Which of your students (if any) are doing unsatisfactory work in your class
    2. A brief, pithy course update covering material and projects of meaning (maybe 150-300 words max)
  • Step 3: E-mail advisors regarding any Unsatisfactories, or any other highlights you want to share.

A little more detail...

Step 1:

Go to the websites below to review your class enrollment.  If you discover discrepancies, please notify Cory (cory@watershedschool.org) immediately, and include assessment marks for any students who regularly attend your class.

If you teach an Explore 1 (Wednesdays 8:10 to 9:30) class click here

If you teach an Explore 2 (Wednesdays 9:40 to 11:00) class click here

Step 2:
Prepare e-mails to cory@watershedschool.org providing a list of your students and whether they Meeting Expectations or if they are doing Unsatisfactory work. 

Meets Expectations:  The student regularly attends the course, participates and completes the majority of all course work.

Needs Improvement: Student has a high number of absences (that you can document with exact dates), does not participate in class, and/or does not complete the majority of course work.

The e-mail will be a simple list, like this:

Introduction to Underwater Basket Weaving
Cory  ME
John  ME
Jason ME
Leila  U

Elvis ME

Step 3:

E-mail the advisors about any students that get Unsatisfactory marks.

If you give a student an U you MUST e-mail the advisor and John McCluskey explaining why the student did not your expectations so we can follow up with appropriate consiquences.

Additionally, If there are general comments you want passed on to advisors, positive or negative, you are encouraged to do so by either sending a message to them within that e-mail, or e-mailing them directly using the information below.

Advisory Lists can be found HERE

What does a course update look like?

  • Explore Class teachers DO NOT complete narrative assessments.  Rather, you are requested to produce a 150-300 word report on the general work of the class (submitted via the form on this page),
  • This report should cover
    • course goals and aims
    • updated highlights of daily work
    • major projects of meaning
For reference, previous course descriptions are archived here:

What information should I share with the advisor?

  • You will e-mail to the registrar's office (cory@watershedschool.org) a list of your students indicating whether each student is Meeting Expectations (ME) or doing Unsatisfactory (U) work.
  • For any students who deserve an "Unsatisfactory" you will e-mail the student's advisor regarding the reason for the student's mark. (At mid-terms, you should also let the advisor know what the student needs to do to improve before the end of the term.)
  • You are encouraged to write comments about as many students as you'd like and e-mail those comments to their advisors.  While the parents will not read the comments directly, these comments will inform the advisor's narrative about the student.

Where are these records kept?  Who are they shared with?

At mid-terms, the Unsatisfactory/Met Expectations marks are only shared with the student's advisor, and meant to provide an update on student progress.

FInal Unsatisfactory/Met Expectations marks will show up on the student's final assessment.

How do I find out who my students' advisors are?