Navajo Experience May Term 2011

Taught by Pablo Stayton & Jen Curtis
April 25 - May 20, 2011

Essential Question
What is sacred?

Course Outline
The Navajo May Term is designed to be an in-depth exploration of the culture and lifestyle of the Navajo people.  The majority of Americans live in homes with running water and electricity. We buy most of our food at large supermarkets.  We lead busy lives, move quickly from place to place by car, are bombarded by a flood of information from television and the internet, and rarely live in the same place for our entire lives.  We will have the rare opportunity to immerse ourselves in a very different culture within the boundaries of our own country.  Students will learn about the history , religious beliefs, and culture of the people and places through direct experiences, readings, art and music.  We will also consider present issues important to understanding the Navajo experience.  Students will have an opportunity to learn from people trying to hold on to traditional ways while also adapting to modern demands in an austerely beautiful part of our country.  Through a focus on the essential question, "What is Sacred?" students will explore their own answers to this question as they look at this question through the perspectives of the Navajo people. 

Travel Logistics

We will be traveling in Arizona April 29 – May 12.

Join us on Friday, May 20, at 5:30pm for the Reflection on Learning in which all Watershed students will share the highlights of their adventures and learning from the five May Term courses.