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Did you know that 80% of all college applicants get into their first choice school? (Time, 2006)  How is this possible?  Aren't colleges turning away more applicants than ever before?  The answer is simple: our culture has become obsessed with the 25 gotta-get-ins, schools that show up on TV's and in every article about the college process, but ignore the other 2449 4-year colleges in the country*. 

In reality, the United States has the greatest college system in the world, and finding the right match between college and student is the most likely predictor of student happiness and professional success.  Students who are poorly matched to their program (not interested in the majors offered, resistant to the style of the classroom) are more likely to transfer, drop-out, and get low grades.  And professionally, how many CEO's of Fortune 500 companies do you think hold Ivy League degrees?

The philosophy of the Watershed School Counseling Program is simple: Good matches make for successful students.  Their are 2479 different 4-year colleges, and that doesn't include the endless number of programs each school offers.  Maybe your student needs the large, hyper-competitive environment with great research opportunities (University of Wisconsin Madison) or  maybe they are looking for an intense field science approach where a school offers more vans than classrooms (Prescott College).

At Watershed School we seek to create a collaborative environment where the students, faculty and parents work together to find the programs that set our students up for collegiate success and a great professional future.

National Center for Education Statistics, Digest of Education Statistics, 2006.