Google Apps at Watershed School!


Thanks for taking the time to see some of the ways that Watershed School uses Google Apps to manage our educational program.

In the Classroom

First of all, here are some links to classes that are using/have used Google Apps for their work.

Spirit of Creativity
Last year another educator and I traveled during our "May Term" to San Francisco to visit the Maker Faire, as well as Google's Home Offices.  You can see how we tracked the class at the site listed above.

College @ Watershed
I'm partial to this site's mine.  I use it to communicate directly with the juniors and seniors participating in my college counseling program.

Fall 2008 MS Expeditions

With our success last year, each of our expeditions are using Google Apps to manage their classes.  Above are two Middle School examples.

A great site built by our Garden Club sponsor.  


We also use Apps as our primary source of communication, both internally and with Parents.  Check out these sites:

First of all, our parent communication site:

Notice on this site the use of Google Calendar in the Middle School and High School Homework sections.  These are google calendars that are created by the teachers within their Google Accounts.  These calendars are then shared with the students directly, as well as embedded in this website.  The calendars are used as dynamic and real-time syllabi; each change a teacher makes on their own calendar immediately updates to all embedded calendars.

This is our internal administration homepage, but (due to privacy issues) I do not make it available to view from this page for most users.

This site was created to help people outside our domain and not part of our full-time staff participate in our assessment system.

Additional Information

Google authored CASE STUDY

Our kids interviewed by Google about their use of Google Apps:

Myself and another Watershed educator interviewed:

Site Credits

This site, and the full Google Apps for Education administration is managed by me (Cory Pavicich), Watershed's Director of Educational Technology. 

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