Water Aerobics Classes DC

Water Aerobics Classes DC

Aqua Aerobics

By Kaleena A Lawless

If you were looking to change up your aerobic routine, I would suggest you try water aerobics. Also known as aqua aerobics or aqua-fit. Water aerobics is similar to any other kind of cardio exercise. You run, do jumping jacks, perform arm movements and kicks, except you are in the water.

Benefits of Aqua Aerobics Include:

-Resistance from the water

-Easy on joints

-Easy on muscles

-Allows a greater range of motion (ROM)

-Prevents overheating during exercise

-Increased cardio endurance

-Increased flexibility

-Increased muscle tone

-Privacy if you are uncomfortable jumping around in a room full of people

-Water massages the muscles. You will finish your workout feeling great and also, sweat free!

Water aerobics is perfect for older adults who deal with muscles and joint conditions such as arthritis, back pain, and recent surgeries. The movements are much slower than land aerobics and the social atmosphere is wonderful for making new friends. Many facilities cater classes to the OA population by regularly introducing classes designed to help along the healing of hip and knee replacements, as well as stretch classes.

Aqua aerobics is also incredibly beneficial to people recovering, and with conditions such as multiple sclerosis, joint problems, soft-tissue injury, cardiac patients, pregnancy and obesity.

You can find aqua aerobic classes at fitness facilities that have a pool, or your local community centre. There are multiple classes out there for all ages and skill levels, including water-boxing, aqua step, boot camps and ab classes.

However, you don't need an organized class to enjoy exercising in the water. Swimming is one of the best cardio exercises and if you already participate, or want to build your endurance up to the point where you can swim, add your own routine to the beginning or end of your swim.

Exercises to try:

-Run as fast as you can forward, backwards and side steps

-Kick forward, backwards and to the side

-Bend your elbows slightly and move your arms in front of yourself and then behind, in a circular motion.

-Squats and lunges



-Grab a floatation device to do leg raises and planks

-Hang on the the side of the pool for flutter kicks

It's always fun to try new things and it's also crucial to seeing results that you do! So grab your swimsuit and head out to your nearest pool. See for yourself how fabulous water aerobics can actually be!

Try It Out!

Kaleena Lawless is a personal training specialist from Toronto, ON. She writes a daily fitness blog called Personal Trainer In Toronto http://www.kalisthenixfitnessblog.com Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Kaleena_A_Lawless

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