The Special Services team is a group of professionals who help in identifying students who have special educational needs. On our team, we have a Psychologist, Social Worker, Learning Disabilities Teacher/Consultant, Speech and Language Specialists and a secretary. When evaluating students with learning, developmental, or social/emotional difficulties, we work with staff and parents to develop an appropriate program. This program will help the student use the best learning methods to experience academic success. A variety of programs are available to students with special educational needs. Our office is located in the Brass Castle School. To contact us, please call the CST office at (908) 689-1188, ext. 3610

The Speech-Language specialists evaluate children who are referred by teachers and/or parents with potential problems in the areas of articulation, voice, or fluency. If a child is found to be eligible, speech-language services are then provided. If you have questions, please leave a message at Brass Castle School: (908) 689-1188, ext. 3618

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