Why Use Us!

Rock Entertainment  is comprised of a group of contributors with a vision. Our Vision is to become the number one in Sales, Marketing, Promotions and Advertisement in existence through:

·         Online distribution of media, cutting down on expensive manufacturing and production costs leaving more revenue for marketing and a greater profit margin, by cutting out the middle man. Most independent labels require and heavily depend on the help of manufacturers, distributors, and promoters as well as marketers, but not us.

·         We will distribute online cutting cost and the need for outside distributions.

·         We will manufacture our product. The products that need to be physically manufactured will be manufactured “in-house” cutting out repeated and expensive outsourcing charges.

·         We will market and promote our artist. With over three decades of experience in entertainment and several previously successful entertainment ventures, who could advertise, promote, and market our artist better than us!? We know what needs to be done to move product.

·         Intense marketing strategies ensuring we get the maximum bang for our proverbial buck via special media agreements on discounted T.V. & radio advertisements and online marketing via our very own online radio station, coming soon online  Magazine, which will have  thousands of subscribers.

what do foe records do for you?

What we do…

·         We find talent! We look for talented singers, in all pop genres of music, to mold and develop into potential superstars.