2015 Scholarship Winners

Congratulations to our 2015 TIS Legacy Scholarship Winners: Breezie Fakatoumafi, Keiry Garcia, and Matthew Whatcott!  This year, all of the essays were extremely well written and again this year we felt we could have chosen any of the applicants and been pleased with the results.  Read some selections from these winning essays below.

Breezie: "I set very high standards for myself when it comes to education and grades... By pushing myself, I will be able to open many doors.  And better yet, I can say that I had experience with this, or say yes I have tried that, even if it was something that I didn't like very much.  Even though I have a big family, I am going to be the first grandchild that will go to college!  How awesome is that?"

Keiry: "When I first came to this school I was struggling, but with the help of my teachers and peers I began to understand most everything... Ms. Dinning told me, "Even if you're not good or sure about something give it a try, and until you try you're [not] going to know if you can do it or not."  So here at Tonaquint I have tried new things, and I was able to do it.  I've learned to play the violin, get good grades, understand about future careers, ...and just understanding the stuff I need to know in the future to have a good life."

Matt: "I know that if I want to succeed in life, I need education...  I know I need to work hard to get an education, so I study for tests and always try to be on time to classes and attend school. If you don't put anything in, nothing will come out... Through the school's band program, I have found my talent in music... Now I play tuba in the main band, and the trombone in Jazz Band."