TIS Legacy Scholarship

Tonaquint Intermediate School is proud to offer the Tonaquint Intermediate School Legacy Scholarship.  Each year in May one or more 7th grade student(s) will be chosen to receive this scholarship.  It will be presented to the winning student(s) in the final week of school.  

The scholarship will be in the amount of $250 to be spent on any activity related to obtaining a post-secondary degree.  

Here are the criteria for this scholarship:

1. Attendance.  To be eligible you must attend school 90% of the time or better.

2. Essay.  At the end of the year through Language Arts classes, each 7th grade student will complete a 2 to 5 paragraph essay on why he/she should be considered for this scholarship.  Emphasis will be placed on:

  • How well you wrote your essay (think of what you learned in Language Arts classes this year).
  • What you learned about yourself this year and your post-high school plans (think of what you learned from the Career Lessons from Mrs. Lewis' class and from the counselors).  
  • Other information you may want to include: your experience here at TIS and how it has helped you become a better student and person, the value you personally place on education, and any special considerations we should know about you such as: first generation college (parents did not graduate from post-secondary school), family financial limitations, minority status, special needs, etc.

If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Powell or Mr. Armstrong.

Good Luck to all 7th grade students!!