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American Indian Program

A few years ago we started a program for tracking and supporting our American Indian students.  It is done in conjunction with our yearly data project.  This is how our program works:
  • Data on End of Level Testing (SAGE) and attendance is collected on each American Indian student at the beginning and end of each school year.
  • Student’s team placement is identified and counselors assigned.
  • Counselors introduce “Support and Activity” group to students. Permission to participate is sent home to parents.
  • Counselors track students weekly and consult with teachers at Team Meetings. Counselors meet with students 2-3 times per quarter or more as needed.
  • Quarterly activities are planned for students to get together and share unity and culture.
  • Counselors plan a field trip to local higher learning institutions (Dixie State University and Dixie Applied Technology College). Awareness of scholarships, programs and support is introduced to our students by their student advisers at the DSU Cultural Center and directors at the DXATC.
  • At the end of the academic year we collect data on end-of-level scores, grades and attendance and compile it into a report that is submitted to the state offices.
In addition to the academic success we have seen in our Native American/American Indian students we have also seen other great things happen here though we don't have data to back it up.  Our students have become more involved and interested in the school community and the role they have in our school.  Also, as you might have guessed with all this success, our students are excited to be here at school and have great attitudes about themselves as students. 

More resources for our students: