US History


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We are using two different textbooks.  The first one you can download at the bottom on this page (Blue Textbook).

Click "Textbooks" to the left (menu). Click "Audio" for the audio to the textbooks.

Discoving Our Past - A History of the United States - Early Years (Red Textbook) -- This is our main textbook.  Click on the PDF link 
to the right of your screen. Download each chapter section you need.  Use Adobe Reader to open these files.

Online Textbook =

Username = HMST1
Password = hms758

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For PDF Files click on the PDF link under the "Textbooks" menu to the left.


Each class period we watch CNN Student News (CNN10).  Choose one news story to write about in your News Journal.  In one paragraph tell what the story was about and your thoughts about it. The Journal is due twice a month (15th and 31st).  To MAKE-UP a missed day, watch the news at home on TV, read the newspaper, or find an internet news site such as: CNN or FoxNews, and write a journal entry.    CNN Stundet News is at this site: You can find Channel One News at

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