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  • Write about someone who has influenced your life in a one-on-one relationship in one or more of the following.

    • Truth

    • Fairness

    • Goodwill and Friendship

    • Beneficial to others

    • They are turned in by April 13th and 500 words

      Winners will win certificate presented by the Rotary Club.

      1st Place $200

      2nd Place $150

      3rd Place $100

      4th Place $50

      Honorable $25

      Honorable $25

      Honorable $25

      Honorable $25

1. Vocabulary: Go through this week’s roots words and write the roots on your roots cards. On the back of the card add the derivatives. The test will be available on Friday. We will take the review test, weeks 10-12 when we get back from the break. Make sure you have all 9 cards.

2. Reading Information: Read Chapter 2 of Mummies, Tombs and Treasures. Don’t forget the answer the questions on the packet. You will need give several examples for the Ka and the Ba.

3. Reading Literature: Read Chapters 12-17- answer the questions and do the activities! Get with your group and do the discussion questions together at the end of the class time.

4. Language Skills: Complete Mt Language wk 4-5. Correct it after it is finished.

5. Listening: Three times this week, go to and watch today’s daily show. Take notes, please!

6. Writing:

  • Login to Go to the “Practice” tab. Click on the prompt called “The Nile Egypt” then click “Begin Writing.” Answer the prompt using your “Nile Essay that we have been working on.. After you submit, check your score and read through the suggestions to improve your score. Revise your essay and resubmit. Do this until you are happy with your essay. Shoot for a 24/30.

  • Write Letter #8 :)

7. Egypt Book: Work on Page 2 & 3. Color the Gods and answer the questions. Write your name in Hieroglyphics on the Cartouche! There will be a copy of the Hieroglyphics and the Gods and Goddesses page.

Extension Choices: (When you are done with the assignments above.)

o   Research a topic of choice and create a slideshow about that topic.

o   Read a Newsela article of your choice. Summarize it with a drawing.

o   Watch more Channel One News.

o   Read a book of your choice.

o   In your composition book, write a poem or a story.

A typical 3rd & 4th period looks like this:

10:07-10:17 Independent Reading, RN letter writing and book talk presentations

10:18-10:25 Grammar review...

10:26-10:55 Reading or Writing Units

10:57-11:00 bReAk TiMe!

11:00-11:10 Root Words (vocabulary)

11:11-11:21 Current Events

11:22-11:50 Social Studies + Language Arts

*Homework part one: Students are expected to read 25-30 minutes, 5 days a week for homework. Reading is essential because every week students have to write a letter predicting, connecting or evaluating the book they are reading (they are given time in class). The letters are worth 12 points each and add up quickly! You will see them in Power School like this: 

WK 1 RN Letter. 


*Students are required to read 9 books from differing genres throughout the year: 

Poetry, Award winner, realistic fiction, historical fiction, science fiction, fantasy, mystery, informational, and a biography/autobiography/memoir. Student are expected to give a 30 sec to 1 minute presentation on each of these required books to the class.

****However, as an entire 6th grade, we are also working on a 40 book challenge. (It’s just a goal, not a requirement) students can count all books that they read in class, books they read at home, books they listen to, books we read as a class... BOOKS! A little trick---Every 150 pages count as a book after the first 300 pages of any novel.

* Weekly Vocabulary Tests: Every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday the students are given a new Greek or Latin root word, along with derivatives that we make into a flash card, written on an index card. Then every Thursday we play a game and review the roots and derivatives. I remind the students to take their index cards home to study and to be prepared for our test on Friday. The cards and test are all given online. The students access them through Schoology. Please ask about the roots they are working on and have them study! Every 3 weeks, the students will take a root review quiz. They will receive effort points for their flash cards and the test is worth 20 points.

*Homework part two includes a Grammar/reading practice sheet. The students are expected to do a few problems a night, Monday-Thursday (or do it all in one night and have it ready for the whole week). Students bring them back EVERYDAY to go over assigned questions as a class.

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