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*Homework part one: Students are expected to read 25-30 minutes, 5 days a week for homework. Reading is essential because every week students have to write a letter predicting, connecting or evaluating the book they are reading (they are given time in class). The letters are worth 12 points each and add up quickly! You will see them in Power School like this: 

WK 1 RN Letter. 


*Students are required to read 9 books from differing genres throughout the year: 

Poetry, Award winner, realistic fiction, historical fiction, science fiction, fantasy, mystery, informational, and a biography/autobiography/memoir. Student are expected to give a 30 sec to 1 minute presentation on each of these required books to the class.

****However, as an entire 6th grade, we are also working on a 40 book challenge. (It’s just a goal, not a requirement) students can count all books that they read in class, books they read at home, books they listen to, books we read as a class... BOOKS! A little trick---Every 150 pages count as a book after the first 300 pages of any novel.

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    3rd period: KSPD56

    4th period: 67KRP6


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