End of Level Review

Review Homework Assignment:

This assignment is to help you review for the SAGE Test and your science class final.  The class final will be on April 28th and the SAGE Test will start May 1st.  Please follow the directions and complete all work.

Read all instructions before you click HERE.  The link will take you to a new page.  You will see 4 pictures on the page. Each picture will take you to another new page by clicking on it. Click on the pictures one at a time and watch all the videos on each page.  You will keep a record of the videos watched.  I will give you the paper you need during class to keep your record.  If you need another copy, click HERE.

                                               Image result for testing






 These sites will help you memorize the names and pattern of the moon phases.

OPTIONAL- To go to Utips, click here   UTIPS PRACTICE TESTS - There are six practice tests.  I'll give you a reward for every test you score 80% or higher on before we take the SAGE test.  (One reward for each test.)  You can retake the tests as many times as you like to score 85%.  It will tell you the right answer if you get it wrong.  (Your user name is your SSID number and your password is your last name with the first letter capitolized.)

***  Remember, you can also click "Online Study" in the yellow box on the left for more review.

Clark Planetarium size scale of planets and stars-