It is a new school year and the learning adventure awaits us all! I am happy to be a part of your learning team (parent-student-teacher learning team). Every year brings something new to the classroom. This will be a year of growing up and allow your child to become an independent and responsible person. Together we will make the year a success! In order to add to the success of the year, please bookmark this website. Here you will find helpful information, learning links, and a variety of educational resources. Parent: It is important for your child to have access to the internet and to this website (at home, school, public libraries, and anywhere that technology is available). If you have any ideas, concerns, or questions, feel free to email me at isaac.mathews@washk12.org or meet with me so we can work together to help your child succeed. Accommodations will always be provided to ensure your child's success.

Speaking of accommodations, if you feel that your child needs an accommodation or immediate interventions, let me know how I can be of assistance. Please remember that it is a new school year and it will take me some time to identify specific areas of strength and weakness for each child. I encourage you to support me in this endeavor. As we work patiently together we will not only learn a lot but have a lot of fun!

This year will be a great ride for all of us! Thank you for all of your support in everything you do as parents. Together we will make this year a great experience!