~ Welcome to 6th Grade Language Arts and Social Studies ~

HEY YOU! YES, YOU! I'm glad you're here! 

I'm so excited that you are in my class. WE are going to work hard and have some fun this year.

I love to teach, but I also love to help my students learn.  

We're going to be doing things a little differently than you're probably used to.  

Get ready for an awesome year! 

   In my class, we learn A LOT...this year we will learn how to analyze texts on a deeper level, strengthen formal writing skills, experience reading from various genres, and develop higher-level thinking skills and approaches.  We will work together to improve our reading and writing skills by sharing ideas, opinions, and words.

    Let's talk books...independent reading is a MUST in my class.  I'm not super picky about what you read, but I DO have high expectations for you.  Please use your best judgement.  As 6th graders you know what is okay with you and your family.  If certain topics make you uncomfortable, close the book.  There are PLENTY of options.....so many books, so little time! 

    Don't forget to check this site weekly for updated information and resources.     


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