A good homework help site is the following: http://www.khanacademy.org/ This is probably the best homework site I have seen. There is a video teaching just about every topic in high school math. You can rewind or pause all you want to catch onto a principle.

Me and my son Tanner Mountain Biking in Moab.

I have taught at Hurricane High for 26 years. I also taught one year at Payson Junior High School. I have been teaching mathematics all those years. I have also taught Driver Education, Financial literacy, Advanced Weight Training, and Fitness for Life. I currently teach Precalculus, Math of Personal Finance, Secondary Math II, and Secondary Math III Honors. I have coached both boys and girls basketball, and football. I graduated from Hurricane High School. I love living and teaching here.


    • MEd Southern Utah University 1998
    • B.A. Mathematics Education at BYU 1992