The Hurricane 
Intermediate School 
Physical Education Department is committed 
empowering students with the 
fundamental physical fitness skills, knowledge and 
to develop, maintain and enjoy the benefits of physical fitness for a lifetime.
Danny Simon                    6th Grade P.E. Coach

Being a Physical Education teacher at Hurricane Intermediate School gives me the awesome opportunity to help kids monitor and improve their fitness levels while developing their sense of cooperation and sportsmanship.  HIS students rock! 

Speaking of rocks, mountain biking is an activity that I enjoy which provides both recreation and physical exercise.   Pedalling up long hills can be especially grueling but the reward of an exhilarating descent down the other side of the hill makes it all worthwhile.  

Some of the other recreational and physical fitness promoting exercises I like to do as often as possible include hiking, swimming, running and skiing.  If I'm in the gym and there are other willing participants then I love to play Ten-Speed or On-The-Line (I don't even mind the push-ups).   

Finding a fitness oriented recreational activity that sparks one's enthusiasm may take some time and experimentation but is definitely worth pursuing. Below is a short list of possible options.  If something peaks your interest, don't hesitate... go for it!  

Aerobics,  Archery,   Badminton,   Ballet,  Baseball,  Basketball,  Biking, Bowling,  Boxing, Canoeing, Catch, Climbing, Crochet, Dancing, Diving, Elliptical Machine, Hockey, Fencing, Football, Frisbee, Golf, Gymnastics, Gold Mining, Hackey Sacking, Hang Gliding,  Hide and Seeking,    Hiking,   Hopscotch,    Horseback Riding,   Hula Hooping,   Jogging,   Juggling, Jumping Rope,   Kayaking,    Lacrosse,  Laser Tag,  Paintball,  Ping-Pong,   Roller Blading, Rowing,   Running,   Sailboarding,    Skating,   Skateboarding,   Snorkeling,   Snow Skiing, Snowboarding,   Soccer,  Softball,  Spinning,  Surfing,  Swimming,  Tae Kwon Do,  Tennis, Trampoline,  Treadmill,  Tubing,  Volleyball,  Walking,  Wake Boarding,  Water Polo,  Water Skiing, Weight Lifting, Wii-Sports.

 Kerry Prince                      7th Grade P.E. Coach

I love working with kids of all ages in athletics and sports. I have enjoyed coaching wrestling and football at Hurricane High School. My own kids have participated in high school sports. If it's a sport, I like it and like to help others improve there skills. I was lucky to get a great job teaching Physical Education at Hurricane Intermediate. I have the opportunity of watch kids improve in athletics. 

I also enjoy bike riding with my wife. We like to head out on our road bikes and enjoy the outdoors. If you see us out riding she is the biker and I am the anchor.