This is my 37th year of teaching.  I have taught in Iowa, Minnesota, Nigeria, and Utah, including such diverse subjects as world history, math, French, biology, chemistry, and private organ lessons as well as various English courses.  I have Utah teaching endorsements in language arts, math (level 2), and sociology.

Degrees:  B.A. in English, Augustana College, Sioux Falls, SD  1977
               M.A.T. in English, Augustana College, Sioux Falls, SD 1984


These statements indicate the emphases the HHS Language Arts department will strive for in implementing the Utah Language Arts Core Curriculum.

Writing: Using a variety of modes specified in the Language Arts Core Curriculum, students will write coherent, organized, grammatically acceptable papers that pass at a minimum of 70% to indicate competency.

Reading: Students will be able to read informational and literary texts with accuracy and will evaluate, analyze, and synthesize the material.

Vocabulary: Students will assimilate various standard words into their vocabulary base, will use those words effectively in context, and will be able to recognize Latin, Greek, and Old English roots effectively to aid in identifying meanings.

Grammar: Students will demonstrate ability to use grammar principles effectively, accurately, and interactively.

Oral communication: Students will establish and exhibit competency in public speaking, and oral presentations will demonstrate effective rhetoric.

Collaboration/Cooperative learning: Students will engage in group classroom activities in which cooperative learning strategies enhance peer instruction and allow students to transfer learning collectively.

Citizenship/Lifelong learning: Students will accept education as an avenue to an adult world where knowledge, innovation, and change will constantly transform global societies, and where lifelong learning will be preeminent.

Research skills: Students will use a variety of primary and secondary resources to identify material appropriate for qualitative researched reports and will evaluate authenticity of data, texts, and formal authorities while offering attribution to conventional sources using correct MLA documentation.

Cultural diversity: Students will demonstrate respect for culture and ethnicity by studying the societal norms, mores, and philosophies presented in both ancient and modern world literature.

Test-taking skills: Students will learn effective test-taking skills and examination pacing strategies as a tool for completing standardized tests successfully.