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 Mrs. Peterson
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These courses will be beneficial for your student.  Life skills are taught in these courses that your students will use everyday in their adult life.  FACS courses integrate and reinforce core subject concepts. If you have any questions about these courses, I would be happy to answer them for you.  If you think your student would be interested in one of these courses, please talk with a counselor soon to ensure your student has a spot in the class. 

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Food and Nutrition I- This course is designed to introduce students to the world of nutrition.  Students who are interested in understanding the principles of nutrition and in maintaining a healthy life style will benefit from this course. Attention will be given to the selection and preparation of food and personal health and well-being. STEM concepts are reinforced in this course. Students will also have the opportunity to earn an industry certification- the Utah Food Handlers permit. There is s $5 supply fee for this course.  Students will eat/have a lab experience nearly everyday!!  This course is especially valuable for student athletes!!  People pay thousands of dollars every year to learn these skills!!
Teen Living-  This course helps students understand and cope with personal, family, and social challenges. Emphasis is placed on communication, decision-making skills, and building stable relationships with family and peers. The course enables students to implement positive coping mechanisms and promotes understanding of self. It addresses issues that impact teenagers: self-concept, family and peer relationships, substance abuse, personal loss, dating and teenage pregnancy, and child abuse. Emphasis is placed on students taking personal responsibility for life. What human doesn't need this course!?!
Sports and Outdoor Products- At the end of this course students will be able to choose a commercial pattern in his/her skill range and construct an article by reading and following the written directions on the guide sheet.  Students will have mastered basic sewing techniques by completing construction projects in this class.  STEM concepts are reinforced in this course. There is a $15 lab fee for this class. Students will make some fun projects in this class!!  At some point or another, every person who wears clothing has needed a button sewn on again, or a hem lengthened/shortened, or a zipper fixed, or something. Students will learn clothing care techniques and basic repair skills.

Fashion Design Studio- This course explores how fashion influences everyday life and introduces students to the fashion industry. Topics covered include: fashion fundamentals, elements and principles of design, textiles, consumerism, and fashion related careers, with an emphasis on personal application. This course will strengthen comprehension of concepts and standards outlined in Sciences, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) education. Student leadership and competitive events (FCCLA) may be integrated into this course. 

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