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Intermediate Fitness - 8th Grade P.E.

Fitness Training - Weight Training

Aerobics - Cardio Fitness

Physical Education Staff

Jill Pace - Aerobics, Fitness Training, Intermediate Fitness, Physical Skills and Techniques, Dixie High Assistant Volleyball Coach
    -email: jill.pace@washk12.org

Michael Schroath - Fitness Training, Intermediate Fitness, Physical Skills and Techniques
    -Dixie High School Boy's Basketball Assistant Coach
    -email: michael.schroath@washk12.org

Brock Sharp - Intermediate Fitness, Fitness Training, Math Lab, Dixie High Assistant Football Coach
    -email: brock.sharp@washk12.org

Core Curriculum 

Intermediate Fitness - Team Sports*
    -Flag Football
    -Flag Rugby
    -Team Handball

Physical Skills - Individual, Racquet, or Lifetime Activities*
    -Frisbee (Ultimate, Frisbee Golf)

Fitness Training
    -Introduction to weight training
    -Universal Super Circuit
    -Free weights
    -Medicine Ball Activities

    -Cardio-respiratory endurance activities
    -Cross Fit Activities

*Possible activities that can be chosen.  Subject to change depending on circumstances and availability of equipment and facilities.