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If you have any questions about cross country or track, please contact Coach Fielding via email or cell phone (801-391-7859).


The practice schedule will be as follows during the school year (SUBJECT TO CHANGE):
MORNING PRACTICE (RUN/WEIGHTS) = 7:00am (Meet @ high school unless otherwise noted in email or on website)
AFTERNOON PRACTICE = 3:05pm (Meet @ high school unless otherwise noted in email or on website)

The 2018 Cross Country season looks to be very great once again. The Varsity boys lost some great TEAM members due to graduation but have a solid group coming back looking to win its 5th straight state championship. As a TEAM, we have bumped up a classification to 4A so the boys will have to work as a TEAM.  The Varsity girls have everyone back from last year's TEAM and should be in the mix for a state championship. It will take everybody to help accomplish individual and TEAM goals. Let's get after it this year and remember "Give Me This Mountain."
Desert Relays (8/10/2018) - Bloomington Hills North Park St. George, UT
A really fun meet with Pineview again. This is a fun way to watch a unique cross country race. Lots of great splits on all three legs (Leg 1 = 1.04 miles, Leg 2 = 1.05 miles, Leg 3 = 0.85 miles)

On the boy's side, Riley Emett ran the second fastest Leg 1 of the day in 5:33, Tyler Nance ran the fastest Leg 2 of the day in 5:25, and Hunter Stucki ran the fastest Leg 3 in 4:15. 

On the girl's side, Bailey Brinkerhoff ran the second fastest Leg 1 in 6:21, Samantha Nelson ran the fastest Leg 2 in 6:24, and Trinity Schimbeck ran the fastest Leg 3 in 5:07. 

The girl's TEAM won the coveted Bear Trophy for the first time ever. The boy's TEAM lost by one point in this duel meet set up. A really great effort from the entire TEAM today!

Cedar All-Comers (8/16/2018) - Cedar High School Cedar City, UT
Congrats to everyone who ran today. It was a great meet for everyone. Lots of positives to take from this race as we continue to move forward this year!

The girls got the day started by running very well. They scored 23 points to win the meet! Bailey Brinkerhoff ran 18:00 to place 1st overall, Samantha Nelson ran 18:02 and placed 2nd, Lauren Luekenga ran 18:27 to place 5th, Trinity Schimbeck ran 18:32 to place 6th, Chloe Kockler ran 18:57 to place 9th, Anna Powell ran 19:15 to place 11th, and Amanda Marchant  rounded out our top 7 running 19:16. The girls TEAM ran 4:18 faster than our 2017 TEAM! That is unreal!!! This is awesome to see how well the girls are doing rignt now. What an incredible way to start the year. Lots of work to do still. Keep it up!

Tyler Nance led the way for the boys by placing 6th overall with a time of 15:55. Hunter Stucki ran incredible for his first Varsity race placing 7th overall with a time of 15:58. Riley Emett placed 11th overall running 16:17 for his first Varsity race and Carson Hansen placed 12th overall and ran 16:25. Spencer Klomp was our 5th guy running 16:46, Kyler Gover ran 16:49, and Ammon Ferguson ran 17:05 to round out our top 7 Varsity guys.  The boys placed 2nd overall which is a great start to the season!

SUU Invite (8/25/2018) - Bicentennial Park Cedar City, UT
The JV girls got the day started on a amazing note! We had 5 girls in the top 10 and 6 in the top 12. The JV girls won the race with 19 points. Lily Poulton placed 1st overall with a winning time of 19:37. Haley Rountree was 2nd in 20:19, Madi Strasner was 3rd in 20:27, Serra Hook was 5th in 20:41, and Macie Barney was 8th in 20:58. Great work ladies!

The JV boys race went great as well. The boys had 4 in the top 10 and scored 33 points to win the race. Matt Thatcher placed 1st overall with a winning time of 16:32. Ammon Ferguson was 3rd in 17:15, Ethan Randall was 4th in 17:27, and Brooks Barney was 8th overall in 17:44. Brooks was the top 9th grader on the day. Nice job JV boys!

The Varsity girls dominated today. We had 4 girls in the top 5 and 5 in the top 11. The girls won the race scoring only 22 points. Samantha Nelson placed 1st overall with a winning time of 18:31. Bailey Brinkerhoff was 2nd in 18:35, Lauren Luekenga was 3rd in 18:40, and Trinity Schimbeck was 5th in 18:56. Amanda Marchant rounded out our top 5 placing 11th overall in 19:42. Great 1st big Varsity showing on the year.

The Varsity boys placed 4th overall today. Region 9 is extremely good this year. It will be close all year. Tyler Nance placed 7th overall in 16:09 and Hunter Stucki placed 10th overall in 16:15. The Varsity boys are a young TEAM but will continue to improve this season.

Great work today TEAM!!!

Utah County Invite (9/1/2018) - Lake Side Park Orem, UT
This is the second time we have done this race and it went well. It was located at Lake Side Park in Orem. Flat and fast course. First big chance at racing against a great Lone Peak TEAM.

The Frosh/Soph girls got us started with Madi Strasner placing 2nd overall in 20:00.2. The girls as a TEAM placed 2nd overall to Lone Peak.

The Frosh/Soph boys were next up and placed 5th overall as a TEAM. Michael Monson was our top finisher placing 14th overall in 17:23.3. He continues to improve every race.

The Junior/Senior girls placed 2nd overall to Lone Peak. We had 3 girls in the top 10. Chloe Kockler placed 2nd overall in 19:35.4, Haley Rountree placed 8th overall in 20:22.2, and Serra Hook placed 10th overall in 20:34.4. Very solid showing from the girls.

The Junior/Senior boys placed 4th overall as a TEAM. Drew Wells was the top Desert Hills finisher in 7th place in 16:51.5, Ethan Randall was 9th overall in 16:57.8, and Ammon Ferguson was 13th overall in 17:08.5.

The Varsity girls placed a strong 2nd overall as a TEAM running against nationally ranked  Lone Peak. The girls scored 60 points and were behind Lone Peak. This is great considering we had a few girls under the weather. We had 4 girls in the top 11. Samantha Nelson was 6th overall in 18:19.5, Bailey Brinkerhoff was 7th in 18:21.1, Lauren Luekenga was 8th in 18:25.2, and Trinity Schimbeck was 11th in 18:37.0.

The Varsity boys placed 6th overall. This TEAM continues to grow and improve each week even though we are really young with Varsity experience. Tyler Nance placed 10th overall running 15:55.0 to lead the TEAM. Positive momentum in the right direction.

Dixie All-Comers (9/4/2018) - Bloomington Hills North Park St. George, UT
This was a solid meet to allow some of our JV runners a great opportunity to race against other school's Varsity teams. We did well today despite extremely hot temps. The top 5 girls on our TEAM were Kailani Zufelt, Elise Burton, Corie Walker, Sarah Klomp, and Kelsey Ranson.

Our top 5 boys on the day were Carson Wall, Trent Thurston, Gavin Clarke, Mason Eardley, and Grant Reber. Awesome to see so many 9th graders race well today.

Hurricane Invite (9/12/2018) - Sand Hollow Golf Course Hurricane, UT
Today was a great course preview for the region meet. We just had our JV runners compete today due to Varsity racing this weekend at Woodbridge.

The JV boys won their race 48-73 against Canyon View. Brody Christensen was 4th overall in 18:21.2, Preston Thompson was 7th overall in 18:24.5, Brandon Brown was 8th overall in 18:29.8, Drake Heaton was 14th overall in 18:57.2, and Carson Wall was 15th overall in 18:57.8. Nice job guys!

The JV girls placed 1st overall as a TEAM with 4 girls in the top 10. Serra Hook won the race in 21:21.6, Savannah Stouffer was 3rd overall in 22:04.8, Kennedi Schimbeck was 7th overall in 22:31.1, and Haleigh Hansen was 10th overall in 23:10.2. Great race from these girls!!

This was a great course and should be exciting at region!

Woodbridge Classic (9/15/2018) - SilverLakes Sports Complex Norco, California
Once again we went to the Woodbridge Classic racing against some of the top teams in the country. This is a fast 3 mile course run under the lights at night. Loads of fun. It was an extremely fast day once again!

In the Varsity Girls B race we had three girls compete:
Madi Strasner placed 18th overall and ran 18:46.3, Haley Rountree placed 19th overall in 18:46.5, and
Amanda Marchant ran 18:56.3.

In the Varsity Boys B race we had three boys compete:
Ethan Randall ran 16:18.3,
Ammon Ferguson ran 17:29.6, and Drew Wells but the timing system messed up with him so he didn't get a time. 

Nice work from these six. Very exciting to watch these races. 

Our Varsity boys ran in the Rated race and our Varsity girls ran in the top Sweepstakes race and did not disappoint. 

The Varsity girls ran the best in school history tonight. They placed 2nd overall to nationally ranked Great Oak! Great Oak is nationally ranked in the top 5 in the entire nation. The girls ran a cumulative time of 86:18 which is over 1:30 minutes faster than the 2017 TEAM! The 86:18 cumulative time is a top 10 all-time mark for the Woodbridge Classic on the Silverlakes Course. This race should put our girl's TEAM on the map for national consideration. Here are the girl's times:

Bailey Brinkerhoff - 16:47.2 (placed 14th overall)
Samantha Nelson - 16:58.8 (placed 25th overall)
Lauren Luekenga - 17:11.6
Trinity Schimbeck - 17:40.1
Chloe Kockler - 17:42.5
Lily Poulton - 17:47.0

The Varsity boys placed 10th overall with a cumulative time of 77:28 The boys raced strong and here are the boy's times:

Tyler Nance - 15:00.1
Matt Thatcher - 15:11.8
Riley Emett - 15:35.1
Drew Wells - 15:46.2
Spencer Klomp - 15:56.1
Kyler Gover - 16:02.5
Hunter Stucki - 16:04.7 

WOW, WOW, WOW! Another awesome trip!

Cedar Invite (9/28/2018) - Cedar High School Cedar City, UT
The JV girls started the day on an extremely positive note. They placed 2nd overall as a TEAM with Savannah Stouffer placing 6th overall in 21.07.1 and Ashley Harin placing 8th overall in 21:11.9. Awesome work!

The JV boys worked together as a solid group and took 3rd overall as a TEAM. Our top 3 finishers on our top were all 9th graders. Brandon Brown ran 17:36.0, Brooks Barney ran 17:48.6, and Carson Wall ran 17:51.7. Sweet!

The Varsity girls placed 1st overall to Pineview with Bailey Brinkerhoff placing 1st overall in 17:34.2 and Lauren Luekenga placing 5th overall in 18:15.2. We had a bunch of girls sick today so it was awesome seeing them grit out this victory.

The Varsity boys placed 5th overall today with Tyler Nance leading the way in 7th place in 15:41.1. The boys are continuing to work towards those end of season goals.

Close to the championship season!

Snow Canyon Invite (10/4/2018) - Snow Canyon High School St. George, UT
The girls crushed this race with 5 girls in the top 10! Madi Strasner placed 1st overall in 19:02, Amanda Marchant was 2nd in 19:24, Serra Hook was 4th in 19:39, Haley Rountree was 5th in 19:43, and Savannah Stouffer was 10th in 20:11. Dominating performance!

The boys placed 5th overall with Brooks Barney leading the way placing 15th overall in 17:11.

Region championships next week!!!

Region 9 XC Championship (10/9/2018) - Sand Hollow Golf Course Hurricane, UT
Second time having the region meet at Sand Hollow Golf Course. Beautiful course and exciting to race on this.

The JV girls started the day off on an incredible note winning the race scoring 22 points as a TEAM. Serra Hook (battled injuries all year) placed 1st overall in 19:36.6. Amanda Marchant was 3rd overall in 19:42.0, Haley Rountree was 4th overall in 20:01.3, Anna Powell was 5th overall in 20:08.8, and Savannah Stouffer was 9th overall in 20:27.2. Lots of underclassmen girls which bodes well for the future.

 1.  Desert Hills HS   22
PlaceBib    NameTimeScoreBehind WinnerSpread

1. 357    Serra Hook19:36.61.NASpread between the scoring runners00:50.6
3. 358    Amanda Marchant19:42.03.00:05.4
4. 360    Haley Rountree20:01.34.00:24.7
5. 359    Anna Powell20:08.85.00:32.2
9. 57    Savannah Stouffer20:27.29.00:50.6
14. 56    Kennedi Schimbeck20:50.5(14.)01:13.9
22. 38    Macie Barney21:52.9(21.)02:16.3
27. 48    Ashley Haring22:12.4NS 02:35.8
29. 61    Kailani Zufelt22:14.8NS 02:38.2
33. 59    Corie Walker22:39.4NS 03:02.8
34. 39    Elise Burton22:45.2NS 03:08.6
35. 47    Haleigh Hansen22:49.2NS 03:12.6
45. 35    McKaily Adams23:16.4NS 03:39.8
51. 43    Charity Ford23:28.6NS 03:52.0
57. 60    Stephanie Weller23:42.8NS 04:06.2
58. 54    Kelsey Ranson23:43.2NS 04:06.6
61. 51    Sarah Klomp23:55.7NS 04:19.1
66. 50    Allison King24:09.7NS 04:33.1
70. 40    Aubrey Carrick24:12.3NS 04:35.7
73. 45    Kenzee Gubler24:16.8NS 04:40.2
79. 37    Sheridan Backus24:39.0NS 05:02.4
92. 53    Darci Nielson25:06.2NS 05:29.6
93. 356    Emma Fonger25:08.3NS 05:31.7
97. 55    Hera Schick25:16.9NS 05:40.3
105. 44    Maya Gerber25:49.1NS 06:12.5
118. 42    Eliza Dick26:24.4NS 06:47.8
123. 49    Abigail Hatch26:47.9NS 07:11.3
130. 58    Skye Thomas27:29.8NS 07:53.2
131. 36    Sydney Anderson27:43.7NS 08:07.1
141. 41    Camryn Coder28:42.8NS 09:06.2

1.(Total time for scoring runners: 1:39:55.9)22

The JV boys placed 3rd overall with Drew Wells placing 2nd overall in 16:52.1 and Ethan Randall placing 4th overall in 16:57.5. 

 3.  Desert Hills HS   64
PlaceBib    NameTimeScoreBehind WinnerSpread

2. 33    Drew Wells16:52.12.00:15.1Spread between the scoring runners01:05.4
4. 25    Ethan Randall16:57.54.00:20.5
17. 5    Brandon Brown17:47.017.01:10.0
19. 8    Brody Christensen17:51.819.01:14.8
22. 21    Michael Monson17:57.522.01:20.5
27. 2    Brooks Barney18:10.8(26.)01:33.8
28. 32    Carson Wall18:11.7(27.)01:34.7
29. 12    Ammon Ferguson18:13.5NS 01:36.5
30. 3    Konnor Berryessa18:14.5NS 01:37.5
33. 29    Preston Thompson18:22.5NS 01:45.5
38. 15    Drake Heaton18:25.3NS 01:48.3
49. 24    Austin Phillips18:49.2NS 02:12.2
53. 30    Trent Thurston18:53.5NS 02:16.5
61. 11    Mason Eardley19:11.2NS 02:34.2
62. 9    Gavin Clarke19:11.5NS 02:34.5
90. 18    Titus Mathis19:57.6NS 03:20.6
104. 19    Jordan Messel20:12.4NS 03:35.4
110. 10    Jordan Dean20:15.4NS 03:38.4
115. 26    Grant Reber20:25.5NS 03:48.5
119. 20    Bridger Miles20:32.4NS 03:55.4
126. 4    Carson Borget20:46.6NS 04:09.6
129. 1    Tristan Anderson21:07.4NS 04:30.4
136. 13    Parker Grames21:16.5NS 04:39.5
139. 27    Garrett Reeves21:30.9NS 04:53.9
145. 7    Grant Carnahan21:44.0NS 05:07.0
150. 34    Britton Wood22:24.4NS 05:47.4
158. 28    Dj Theobold23:04.2NS 06:27.2
173. 23    Tyson Parker24:21.6NS 07:44.6
177. 16    Cael Hokanson24:44.0NS 08:07.0
182. 22    Daniel O'Connor26:43.6NS 10:06.6

3.(Total time for scoring runners: 1:27:25.9)64

The Varsity girls won their 2nd consecutive Region 9 XC Championship beating Pineview 29-49! Awesome stuff! Samantha Nelson led the way placing 2nd overall running 17:52.1, Bailey Brinkerhoff was 3rd in 17:56.5, Trinity Schimbeck was 6th in 18:43.5, and Lauren Luekenga was 10th in 18:58.2. 5 in the top 10 is not bad heading into next week's state championship race. Congrats girls!!!

 1.  Desert Hills HS   29
PlaceBib    NameTimeScoreBehind WinnerSpread

2. 72    Samantha Nelson17:52.12.00:02.6Spread between the scoring runners01:06.1
3. 69    Bailey Brinkerhoff17:56.53.00:07.0
6. 74    Trinity Schimbeck18:43.56.00:54.0
8. 73    Lily Poulton18:54.38.01:04.8
10. 71    Lauren Leukenga18:58.210.01:08.7
15. 70    Chloe Kockler19:12.8(14.)01:23.3
16. 361    Madi Strasner19:25.7(15.)01:36.2

1.(Total time for scoring runners: 1:32:24.6)29

The boys ran their best race of the day today placing 3rd overall and qualifying for state! Lots of ups and downs this year for the boys but they put it together when they needed to most. Hats off to Hurricane for running a great race. Matt Thatcher was 5th overall in 15:49.0, Tyler Nance was 8th overall in 15:58.3, and Carson Hansen was 15th overall in 16:19.4. (proud of him for bouncing back from his collar bone injury). We are very proud of the boys. Time to get move on and get ready for state next week! 

 3.  Desert Hills HS   75
PlaceBib    NameTimeScoreBehind WinnerSpread

5. 68    Matthew Thatcher15:49.05.00:23.0Spread between the scoring runners00:44.1
8. 66    Tyler Nance15:58.38.00:32.3
15. 64    Carson Hansen16:19.415.00:53.4
21. 62    Riley Emett16:30.721.01:04.7
26. 67    Hunter Stucki16:33.126.01:07.1
29. 63    Kyler Gover16:42.2(29.)01:16.2
36. 65    Spencer Klomp17:29.9(36.)02:03.9

3.(Total time for scoring runners: 1:21:10.5)75

2018 4A State XC Championship (10/17/2018) - Sugarhouse Park Salt Lake City, UT
Second time in school history we competed in the 4A classification. Competition is much tougher. The girls started us off making history. The girls finished 1st overall as a TEAM scoring 55 points and winning the school's first ever state championship in girl's cross country. So much fun seeing the girls finish what they set out to do this summer. Bailey Brinkerhoff was our top finisher placing 5th overall in 18:26.4 earning 1st Team All-State. Samantha Nelson placed 6th overall in 18:31.1 also earning 1st Team All-State. Lily Poulton ran the race of her life placing 14th overall in 19:15.8 earning 2nd Team All-State. Lauren Luekenga ran 19:16.8 placing 16th overall earning 3rd Team All-State, Trinity Schimbeck placed 17th overall in 19:18.4 earning 3rd Team All-State, and Chloe Kockler placed 19th overall in 19:19.8 earning 3rd Team All-State. Madi Strasner ran 19:55.2 placing 37th overall. Not bad for a sophomore. This is a new Desert Hills school record. The girl's cumulative time was 94:48.4 which is 3rd fastest all-time as a TEAM in 4A! This was by far our fastest TEAM in school history at the state meet by over a minute. In the state meet merge for all classifications (1A-6A), the girls were the fastest TEAM on the day out of any classification!! Incredible.

1.218Bailey Brinkerhoff5Sr18:26.45
2.216Samantha Nelson6Sr18:31.16
3.221Lily Poulton14Sr19:15.813
4.219Lauren Leukenga16Jr19:16.815
5.220Trinity Schimbeck17Sr19:18.416
6.222Chloe Kockler19Sr19:19.818
7.217Madi Strasner37So19:55.236

Team Results

1.Desert Hills HS5, 6, 13, 15, 16, (18), (36)55
2.Pine View HS4, 7, 11, 27, 29, (31), (40)78
3.Ogden HS10, 14, 22, 23, 33, (64), (71)102
The boys 6th overall which is not how we wanted to finish but nonetheless are very proud of this group. Lots of positives with this TEAM and we will learn and grow from this though. Lots of returners coming back So very proud of this group of young men. Lots of underclassmen who gained a lot of Varsity experience this year. Excited for what next year holds!

Matt Thatcher was our top finisher in 8th place running 16:01.8 earning 2nd Team All-State. Great way for him to finish off his senior year.

1.210Matthew Thatcher8Sr16:01.88
2.213Tyler Nance28Jr16:32.925
3.214Carson Hansen31Jr16:35.827
4.209Hunter Stucki61So16:56.655
5.215Riley Emett63So16:57.557
6.212Kyler Gover66Sr17:00.559
7.211Drew Wells90Jr17:36.479

Hoka Postal Nationals (11/1/2018) - Desert Hills High School St. George, UT
Once again we did the Hoka Postal Nationals with Pineview. It is a 2 mile race on the track competing at the local level and comparing it to other teams across the entire country.

Our girls ran 57:56.00 (11:35 avg) to place 5th overall as a TEAM in the entire nation!!! Nice job girls.

Here are the times:
Bailey Brinkerhoff - 11:21
Samantha Nelson - 11:22
Lauren Luekenga - 11:34
Chloe Kockler - 11:34
Trinity Schimbeck - 11:45
Madi Strasner - 11:56 (huge PR)
Amanda Marchant - 12:01
Anna Powell - 12:21
Haley Rountree - 12:27
Serra Hook - 12:37
Kennedi Schimbeck - 13:44
Kenzee Gubler - 13:53
Sarah Klomp - 14:25
Kailani Zufelt - 14:47
Maya Gerber - 14:49
Emma Fonger - 16:34

The boys also ran well with a time of 50:27.60 (10:06 avg) to place 33rd as a TEAM in the entire nation. Cool!

Here are the times for the boys:
Bryson King - 9:50.00
Matthew Thatcher - 9:53.31
Ethan Ashby - 9:57.92
Tyler Phillips - 10:13.79
Kasey Bang - 10:15.08
Andre Melendrez - 10:15.62
Carson Hansen - 10:16.02
Tyler Nance - 10:16.02
Drew Wells - 10:23.61
Hunter Stucki - 11:08.36
Ammon Ferguson - 11:22.72
Preston Thompson - 11:28.94
Jorden Messel - 11:34.04
Michael Monson - 12:08.83
Brody Christensen - 12:41.32
Austin Phillips - 13:01.68
Jordan Dean - 13:19.40
Boston Summers - 15:58.61

This was a ton of fun and we plan on doing this again next year. Should be exciting!

Nike Southwest Regionals (11/18/2017) - Grande Sports Academy Casa Grande, AZ
Bailey Brinkerhoff - 17:45 (9th overall/missed Nike Nationals by 3 spots)
Samantha Nelson - 18:14 (40th overall = 2nd cross country race ever)
Trinity Schimbeck - 18:32
Lily Poulton - 19:27
Lauren Luekenga - 19:51
Amanda Marchant - 19:59
Macie Barney - 20:30

The Girls TEAM initially wasn't in the championship race but after finally convincing the race director to put them in, they did not disappoint. The Girls finished 6th overall and were only one point out of 5th place. Amazing and very exciting to have everyone come back next year!

Bryson King - 15:48
Matthew Thatcher - 16:04
Kasey Bang - 16:24
Tyler Phillips - 16:32
Ethan Ashby - 16:36
Andre Melendrez - 16:57
Tyler Nance - 17:28

The Boys TEAM did awesome in a very competitive championship race. They placed 20th overall but beat teams that got them at our state meet. Very proud of this group!!!

Footlocker West Regionals (12/2/2017) - Mt. Sac College Walnut, CA