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Mrs. Glazier

Mrs. Glazier has been a school counselor at Hurricane Intermediate School since 2008. Mrs. Glazier became a school counselor after teaching 3rd grade for 3 years.  She loves working with students at Hurricane Intermediate School!  One thing that Mrs. Glazier likes most about her job is getting to know all of her students and watching students grow and make good choices.  

Mrs. Glazier is available Monday through Friday to students.  Just fill out a form in the front office and she will catch up with you.  

Email: staci.glazier@washk12.org

Favorite Movie:  I'll watch anything as long as it is not scary!!!
Favorite Food:  Mexican Food
Hobbies:  I love doing anything with my family!!!  I enjoy gardening, cleaning, designing, and basically coming up with more than a life-time amount of projects for my husband to do :)  We love to be outside!