Welcome to the Athletes Creating Excellence (ACE) Fitness Program

ACE is a optional opportunity for all 7th graders who would like to get more out of their Physical Education experience.  ACE students remain in the same class as other students, but are given additional options for their learning experience.  Some of these additional opportunities include archery, weight training, choices in team sports, and a chance to lead the class.  Students who complete the ACE Fitness program will receive a notation on their progress report that they graduated with honors from the ACE Fitness program.  

To qualify for this program you must get two teacher referrals, sign up to lead the workouts in class (there will be a sign up sheet in the gym), and pass the 6 quizzes on the team sports.  If you choose to participate in weight training and archery, you must also pass the safety tests for each activity.  All tests and quizzes are done online and will have a score emailed to you when you are done.  There will be a card to fill out with a checklist for you to turn in to be admitted into the program.  Check the calendar for due dates.

Quizzes for Team Sports

ACE Fitness Calendar